10 Weird Alcohol Laws

You’ll find many websites listing strange laws related to alcohol and drinking on the Internet, but most have pretty questionable content. Perhaps the writers were drunk. There is, as of yet, no law against drinking and posting, though there probably should be.

Most of the weird laws you find are recycled content, such as not giving alcohol to fish in Ohio or banning the mixed offering of beer and pretzels at a bar in North Dakota. Such laws probably were in effect in some form at one time or another, but the police have a lot better things to do than give sobriety tests to fish.

#1: Kids Can Drink in Alaska

There are many supposed alcohol laws concerning the Last Frontier State. For instance, you might find articles that claim it is illegal to serve alcohol to a moose. This makes sense, as moose are some of the most ornery and cantankerous creatures around. They are ready to charge at the drop of a hat, so it is likely a bad idea to give alcohol to any one-ton animal with a penchant for attacking.

One nonsensical alcoholic law that is a bit of a surprise from Alaska is that minors are allowed to drink alcohol, as long as it was not served in a licensed bar or restaurant and it was given to said minor by parents or legal guardians. So, in other words, they can drink at home where nobody should know anyway. Go figure!

#2: Say No to Drugs in Missouri 

Another alleged law that you may stumble across on the Internet is that minors under 21 years of age can’t even take out the family garbage if it contains empty alcoholic containers. In another example of misinformation on the Internet, this alleged law doesn’t actually exist.

Instead, it is a bastardized representation of a real Missouri law. That law asserts that enforcement officials who come across minors who are obviously drunk and in possession of containers of alcohol don’t have to test the liquid in the bottles or prove that it contained alcohol. It’s not very likely that the police are lurking in the bushes to catch minors throwing away Gatorade bottles with alcohol residue in the bottom.

One weird law that does exist in Missouri states that no one is allowed to put drugs in alcohol. Those looking for marijuana gin or a rum and cocaine must simply go to another state!

#3: No PDA in Nebraska

Liquor laws can seem strange, but there is little evidence for the purported Nebraska law that claims that bars can’t serve beer unless they are also cooking up a pot of soup. Again, this law likely has a basis in some law that once required bars to serve food as well as alcohol, but no one is going around checking the status of the chef’s soup in Nebraska bars.

A weird alcohol law that does exist in the Cornhusker State is the prohibition of any physical contact between the bar’s owner or employees and the bar’s customers, involving any kissing and/or any touching of either party’s personal and private areas of the body. Way to go, taking all the fun out of drinking in a bar, Nebraska!

#4: You Have to Pay in Iowa

You will find a lot of alleged drinking laws from The Hawkeye State, such as one ridiculous contention that a man is not allowed to drink beer in bed with his wife. More likely than not, men are probably drinking beer in bed with their wives so much that it could become the state’s new motto.

However, there is truth to the liquor law that you can’t run a tab in an Iowa bar. While it may seem strange, it’s really just a law aimed at keeping patrons from skipping out on the bill.

#5: No Gifts in Ohio

Ohio is another state that is purported to have strange liquor laws, such as one mentioned before, whereby you cannot give alcohol to fish. That supposed law probably stemmed from a misreading of anti-pollution laws for Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River.

It is, however, illegal for sellers of alcohol to give you anything alcoholic for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other celebrations. Talk about a bunch of party-poopers!

#6: Watch Your New York Cider

Forget the tosh about not being able to sell wine bags in New York you might stumble across in an Internet search. However, cider makers and distributors are lumped together with all other alcoholic beverages, as cider can be aged to create a tasty and potent drink. Be careful buying that non-alcoholic bottle of cider as you’re watching the ball drop in Times Square!

#7: Texas Prohibits Patriotism

While some would argue that drinking alcohol is as American as it gets, the state of Texas bars alcoholic bottle labels from carrying any design that can be associated with the U.S. flag, the Texas flag, or the armed forces. It’s okay to have it painted on your F-150, just not on your beer bottle.

#8 Patriotic Florida

However, Florida seems keen to show its patriotism. Members of the military can import more than one gallon of an alcoholic beverage into Florida without paying taxes on it, while average citizens cannot.

#9: Restricted in Kentucky

You would think that Kentucky would have lax alcohol laws, considering that so much hard liquor is brewed both legally and illegally in the state. However, most of Kentucky is dry on Sunday and on any election day while polls are opened. Looks like residents of the Bluegrass State don’t make such good decisions while getting their drink on.

#10: No Savings in North Dakota

Lastly, forget about saving on your hooch with a manufacturer’s coupon in North Dakota. Coupons are absolutely forbidden on sales of alcohol—now that’s un-American!