25 Drinks Every Woman Should Know

Women drink for different reasons, and they have different preferred drinks as a result. Sometimes they may be drinking to be social, or to get drunk as quickly as possible or, in some cases, just to be seen drinking. Whatever the reason, here are 25 drinks every woman should know:

Powerful Drinks

Who says the hard stuff is just for men? Women have hard days, too, and hard days call for hard drinks. Here are a few of the female favorites when it’s time to just get blitzed:

1. Long Island Iced Tea – The drink that’s strong enough for a man, but popular with women. With a mixture of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, cola, and other ingredients, this drink will get you loaded in a hurry, and not taste too bad along the way.
2. Long Beach Iced Tea – This West Coast version of the Long Island Iced Tea has the same kick, but features cranberry juice instead of cola as a flavor enhancement.
3. Disaronno – While this Italian liquor can be mixed into a variety of tasty cocktails, when a woman wants to seriously get her drink on, she’ll just take it on the rocks.
4. Mount Gay Rum and Diet Coke – For women who want to watch their figure while they watch their vision get blurry, this twist on the classic rum and Coke is just right.
5. Seven and Seven – This mixture of Seagram’s Seven and Seven-up is included with the hard drinks because it’s so deceptive—you can’t even taste the alcohol, so you’re wasted before you even realize it.
6. Schnapps – Have you ever been “schnapped”? If you have, you know how powerful this can be.
7. Amaretto Stone Sour – This mixture of amaretto, orange juice, and sweet and sour mix doesn’t taste like a powerful drink, but it will sneak up on you.
8. The Madeira Eggnog – If you need a healthy buzz to get you through the holidays at the in-laws house, this is the drink for you. Hot, delicious, and festive, this eggnog strengthened with Madeira and brandy will have your halls decked in no time.

The Softer Side

When the goal is to finish the evening in full possession of your ability to think, some lighter drinks may be just what the doctor ordered. These concoctions usually involve lower alcoholic content drinks like beer or wine, and here are some of the most popular:

9. Michelob Ultra – Really, any light beer will do if you want to drink and watch your waistline, but there’s just something elegant about a Michelob—sort of.
10. Wine Cooler – This drink didn’t completely die in the nineties, but it seems to be going that way. Still, it’s light and refreshing.
11. Mikes Hard Lemonade – This is one of those drinks that isn’t quite hard but it’s not exactly soft, either. It’s very refreshing though, and it won’t leave you talking to lawn statues if you keep it to one or two.
12. Smirnoff Ice – In the same family as the wine cooler and hard lemonade, this is a lightened-up version of Smirnoff vodka.
13. Bellini – This elegant-sounding Italian cocktail is a mixture of sparkling wine and peach puree.
14. Chablis – This dry white wine is available everywhere and is great for light refreshment.
15. White Zinfandel – Not quite as classy as the Chablis, White Zinfandel is a little sweeter and decidedly more colorful than its stuffier cousin.
16. Red Wine – Often considered to be a dinner drink, red wine is perfect for someone who wants to sip a single drink all night.

Tropical Thunder

Women seem to like drinks that are best sipped on a beach, with an umbrella. Here are some of the most popular of them:

17. Margarita – This is perhaps the most classic tropical drink. It all starts with tequila, but it includes a variety of fruits and flavors.
18. Mango Margarita – Same drink, different flavor. Mango gives the margarita an even more-tropical flavor.
19. Mojito – The mojito is a powerful tropical cocktail that combines rum, sugar cane juice, lime, and mint. It also has the curious effect of making people want to shake their hips.
20. Corona – Yes, it’s a beer, but it’s a tropical beer. How can you not think of a beach with a Corona in your hand?
21. Piña Colada – Rum, pineapple, coconut – what’s more tropical than a piña colada? Apparently they’re even better when you’re caught in the rain.

Drinks as Accessories

Let’s face it, sometimes a drink is just an accessory. Whether it’s the color, the shape of the glass, or just the way the name of the drink rolls off your tongue, sometimes what you’re drinking is most important because of the way it makes you look.

22. Cosmopolitan – The symbol of the East Coast socialite, a Cosmo is made of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lemon or lime juice. A couple of these will have you ready to have sex in the city.
23. Purple Nurple – This is one of the popular themed, sweet shots. The best thing to be said about them is they may match your purse or outfit. The worst is that the extra sugar may lead to a bad hangover.
24. Red-Headed Slut – This themed shot is not as popular as the purple one, but you’re not always wearing purple, right?
25. Appletini – The appletini, or apple martini, combines vodka and some sort of apple product–juice, cider, or liqueur–to make a perfect high-brow cocktail.

These twenty-five drinks should give you a pretty good head start to getting your womanly drink on. Try one and see if you like it. If you try another and like it better, don’t worry – it’s your prerogative to change your mind!