25 Frozen Drinks You Need to Know

While we think it’s a great idea to sit back, relax, and work your way through the menu, we do have some recommendations for you to start with, work up to, or simply add to your frozen drink repertoire. Grab a towel, a fun, romantic book, and one of these 25 frozen drinks you need to know!!

Frozen Drinks with Rum

Nothing screams island breezes more than frozen drinks with rum, and especially a Piña Colada. Made with rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream, this drink is simplicity at its heavenly best. A Daiquiri has rum, lime juice, and simple syrup at its base, but you can turn up the fruity volume by adding triple sec and strawberries (Strawberry Daiquiri), triple sec and a banana (Banana Daiquiri), or peeled and pitted fresh peaches (Peach Daiquiri).

Feel free to try different types of rum to give these delicious drinks a little variety–for instance, use coconut or banana rum in the Piña Colada or dark rum in the Daiquiris. For a classic frozen favorite that uses more than one type of rum, try the frozen Rock Lobster. One variation of this uses coconut rum, dark rum, banana liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice, orange juice, and half of a banana. Obviously, you should be blending these frozen drinks with a cup of ice.

The Rum Runner has as many fruit and rum variations as there are hours in the day. Make the Island Style Rum Runner with light and dark rum, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, grenadine syrup, and lime juice. Stay away from sharks in the water, but by all means order the frozen Shark Bite cocktail, which contains frozen citrus blend concentrate, amber rum, grenadine, and lime juice, with a skewer of cherries and kumquats.

While we’re talking rum, don’t forget about a refreshing Mojito. To make it frozen, use frozen limeade concentrate as the base, and then blend it with rum and fresh mint leaves. Turn it into a Cocojito by adding in sweet cream of coconut. And while you have the rum and coconut cream out anyway, make your next drink a frozen Bushwacker. This one calls for dark rum, coconut cream, Kahlua or other coffee liqueur, dark crème de cacao, and milk.

Frozen Drinks with Tequila

The queen of all frozen tequila drinks is absolutely the frozen Margarita, made with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and crushed ice. Some people also add frozen limeade concentrate to it. If this basic margarita is a little tart for you, try kicking up the sweetness with fruit.

A frozen Strawberry Margarita nixes the lime juice, and adds frozen sliced strawberries in syrup, and a Mango Margarita uses fresh diced and peeled mango slices. You can get creative with other fruits too–think Watermelon Margarita with the addition of frozen pureed watermelon and melon liqueur.

A Tequila Frost is not as well-known, but you’ll be glad to have it in your frozen drink repertoire. Make it with tequila, pineapple and grapefruit juices, honey, grenadine, and vanilla ice cream.

Frozen Drinks with Vodka

If you’re a big fan of soft-serve cones featuring a twist of vanilla and orange ice creams, then you’ll love the Creamsicle, which is a blend of frozen orange juice, milk, sugar, ice, water, vanilla, and vodka.

If vodka is your thing, Chicago bartender Gianvito Bartucci of the James Hotel recommends his variation of the Creamsicle, called the J-Sicle. It uses orange Grey Goose vodka, Amaretto, Patron Citronge, and orange juice. His Chee Chee variation is basically a Piña Colada made with vodka instead of rum, though we’d recommend starting from scratch with pineapple juice and cream of coconut instead of using a piña colada mix.

Vodka Slush contains orange, pineapple, and cranberry juices, along with peach schnapps and vodka. Bartucci’s Baywatch contains vodka, Galliano, and cream blended with ice and served in a pint glass with a maraschino cherry.

A frozen Mudslide goes down easily–almost too easily. It involves vodka, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, ice, cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ice cream.

Other Frozen Drinks

Frozen Grasshoppers are a big hit once you explain that they involve no bugs. Instead, they’re a blend of crème de menthe, white crème de cacao, and vanilla ice cream. Yum! How about a Golden Dream while lying in the sun? Ask the bartender to make this with cream, orange juice, Cointreau or other orange liqueur, and Galliano.

A Bailey’s Irish Ice is a great mix of Irish and Italian. Make it by combining Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Irish cream with iced coffee, chipped ice, Guinness gelato or coffee ice cream, and a tablespoon of espresso. What a way to end the perfect day spent in the warm, summer sun!