5 Cool Flasks for Mom

If your mom is anything like ours, she’s almost impossible to buy a gift for. What she needs, she buys for herself, and she’ll never tell you what she’d really like as a gift. “Never mind,” she would say. “Don’t waste your money on me,” she’d add. “There’s nothing I really need.”

The other problem with buying gifts for mom, other than flowers and candy, is that many gifts would be considered too personal to hand your mother on a special day. Lingerie, a sexy little black dress, or perhaps a gift certificate for the local tattoo parlor, might just be misconstrued and at best underappreciated by your mother.

So, how do you solve this conundrum? What is the perfect gift that will satisfy your mom’s inner child yet, unlike candy or flowers, last for more than a few days? What can be personalized, but is not too personal? What can be used most every day and still last for years? When that special day rolls around, buy your mother her very own flask!!

Flasks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from a number of mom-pleasing materials like pewter or silver plated base metal! Many flasks are lined with glass. This makes most flasks washable (an important mom point) and it helps to keep mom’s favorite potable fresh, while avoiding an unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

Hot Pink for the Feminine Touch

The boys can have their traditional plain metal or black leather-encased pocket flasks! But what cool mom wouldn’t want her very own hot-pink Marillia flask?!

The Marillia flask from Visol features a stainless steel body wrapped in bright pink leatherette and it has a built-in oval plaque for engraving. The Marillia is a tall flask capable of holding up to eight ounces of mom’s favorite beverage, and it retails for just $35!

Flasks aren’t just for groomsmen at a wedding anymore. Flasks are all-purpose gifts for anyone who likes to take a little sip every so often during an otherwise humdrum day. And, who might need an occasional shot in the arm and a little pick-me-up more than mom!

Decorator Flasks

Gone are the days when mom was always at home and had to hide her bottles in the linen closet, in the pantry, or under the sink. Today’s flasks are both decorative and functional. Moms can now own beautiful flasks in designer colors, made out of durable ceramics and other long-lasting materials. Flasks are now available for any décor and for any room of the house. Whether you wish to hide your stash in a cabinet or drawer or prefer to leave it out in the open, there are flasks to fit every mom’s needs.

One of many novel decorator styles is the Country Garden Flask, which comes in two sizes–six ounce and eight ounce. Country Garden is made of stainless steel and will fit in beautifully with any décor. The timeless floral design of the Country Garden flask is the perfect accoutrement for the bedroom, bath, or ladies sitting room, and retails for just $35.

Super Moms Go for Wonder Woman

Today’s moms are expected to work full time, care for the children, manage a busy household, and still have time for their own interests and pursuits. So, what better gift can you get for mom than her very own Wonder Woman flask?

The Wonder Woman flask is made of durable stainless steel and features a headshot of the classic Wonder Woman cartoon character with the quote, “Well behaved women seldom make history!” It measures just 4.5 inches by 3.75 inches and holds six ounces of liquid refreshment. Wonder Woman comes in three vibrant colors and even has its own funnel.

Professional Moms Need Love Too!

Gone are the days of “Mad Men,” three-martini lunches, and lavish expense accounts. So, what does a mom do when she has to spend every day in a stuffy office? The perfect gift for office-bound moms might be the Vierkant Flask from Visol.

The Vierkant is a beautifully mirrored flask that is suited to the boardroom, yet has enough bling appeal to bring to a fancy business dinner. Like most high-end flasks, the Vierkant has a premium stainless steel body, the mirrored finish shines bright from its sparkling rhinestone center. The Vierkant can be personalized and retails for only $45.

For Athletes and Emergencies

For the mom who is into sports and may be entertaining a crowd after her daily workout, the WineRack Sports Bra is a pretty good idea. This durable and multi-purpose athletic garment can carry up to two quarts of liquid refreshment. For those of you who have trouble with long division, that’s the equivalent of a six pack of beer, three bottles of wine, or 64 shots of liquor!

For those entrepreneurs out there, we’re still waiting for somebody to create the coolest of the cool: The Big Momma flask for moms with big thirsts. This giant flask should hold up to five gallons of your mother’s favorite potable and can also double as an emergency gas can. The Big Momma should also come with its own trailer and hitch.

Face it. Your Mom probably drinks, so embrace it.