5 of the Sexiest Beer Ads

Sexy Beer AdWhat is it about beer that makes advertisers tend to go towards the erotic and titillating in so much of its marketing? Maybe it keeps them from having to be too clever, or maybe it really is hard to differentiate your brand from so many others like it.

Who cares! As they say, “sex sells,” and so many of us are doing the buying. It’s pretty difficult, however, to just choose 5 of the sexiest beer ads. Your list might differ from mine, but that’s okay. Just write your own article–this one is mine!  Here they are, in order similar to Letterman’s “Top Ten” list, counting down to Number One.

#5: How Budweiser Does Sexy

It’s a long way from talking frogs and stalwart horses, but Budweiser has done sexy beer ads. Can’t remember? Let us refresh your memory while you grab another Bud.

Back in 2007, Budweiser came out with a series of international ads that featured beautiful women clad in bathing suits designed to look like part of the bottle label, and then they were photographed next to these oversized bottles, so their clothes blended right in.

All you really saw were the beautiful women, although the subliminal marketing most likely made you crave a Budweiser. It might have been digital enhancement; it might have been artful photography. Who cares? The models, arranged in ones, twos, and threes, continue to be incredibly sexy.

#4: I Love Twins

I might be showing my age on this one, but, for me, ten years barely seem to have gone by since those iconic Coors Light “twins” commercials. Do you remember them? I remembered football and tailgating, and blonde-haired, sexy twins. I’m not even sure if I realized the ad campaign back in 2002-2003 was a “love song” for guys, but it was. The ads talked about different things a guy loves, such as “burritos at 4 a.m.,””quarterbacks eating dirt,” and “pom-poms and short skirts.”

Truly, the guys who put together that Coors Light ad campaign were geniuses and I wonder what happened to them. I wonder more about what happened to the beautiful girls, though. Scantily-clad, blonde-haired twins are the stuff that dreams are made of, after all. And there they were in their short football jerseys and cheerleader outfits, making me love football and beer even more than I did (and still do).

#3: St. Pauli’s My Girl

For as long as St. Pauli Girl has done advertising, its ads have included a sexy and gorgeous woman. Her hair style and hair color may have changed over the last thirty-five years, along with the beer in her hand, but you almost don’t notice. She’s alluring, and sultry, and well-endowed.

I don’t think I’ve ever even had St. Pauli Girl beer, which makes the ad sort of a waste of money for the company. But I love to just look upon that St. Paul Girl, now modeled for the past five years by Jennifer England, a green-eyed bombshell.

#2: Miller Lite’s Trifecta

It doesn’t get much more perfect than Miller Lite’s limited ad campaign with Sofia Vergara and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue! Several years before she became famous on Modern Family and as the face of Cover Girl cosmetics, the curvaceous Ms. Vergara starred in a smokin’ hot set of bikini ads for Miller Lite. Beer, babe, bikini–the golden trifecta for nearly every male. The perfect storm of booze, bust, and boo-ya!

The different ads were randomly placed in the SI swimsuit issue and readers were asked to vote online for their favorite bathing suit. We have no doubt that readers could care less about the beer or the swimsuit at that point, but that’s okay. Nobody does product placement better than Sofia Vergara!

Was the campaign successful for Miller Lite? I’m sure they received a lot of traction and reaction, but not so much for the beer as for the girl. And Ms. Vergara’s star has only been on the rise since then.

#1: A Bit of Brazil

The print ad campaign for Bit Copa, a Brazilian beer, is hands-down (pun intended) the sexiest bunch of beer ads that we have ever seen. Who cares that the gratuitous, near-naked, painted female body has not one iota to do with beer–it still makes me salivate just as the thought of a good beer does.

If you haven’t seen these ads, it’s time to go south of the border. Look them up online and decide for yourself which of them is your personal favorite. Ours is the one with the straw (not that we would ever drink beer with a straw–who does that?!). That is one incredibly lucky mime!