5 Spooky Cocktail Ideas for Halloween

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It is a time to get dressed up as imaginary creatures and enjoy the devilish events of parties everywhere. Although kids getting candy from strangers is a no-no many adults also take to the night and enjoy some really strange but exciting cocktails made of who knows what. Regardless of the somewhat-sketchy sound they may have, Halloween drinks can be quite fun.

Kids may have their candy for Halloween, but adults will always have parties and, of course, creepily themed alcoholic beverages! And to top it all off, ladies use Halloween as an excuse to dress like strippers or (if that offends you) “ladies of the night.” Either way, Halloween has its own set of dastardly traditions for the adult crowd too. With that in mind, here are a few cocktail ideas for your upcoming Halloween-themed parties.

#1: Witch’s Brew

The classic Halloween symbol is the cauldron. Okay, it might be a bit cheesy at a Halloween party, but come on, you are dressing up as a fictional character, right? Live a little! This is a great cocktail to serve at large parties because you can make a lot of it and the presentation is pretty great.

Using vodka and pineapple juice as the primary ingredients, along with some dry ice, a fake cauldron purchased from your trusty party store (and some nasty-looking green gelatin) is a cocktail sure to create a buzz, pun intended. Being cheesy is a part of Halloween; just deal with it!

After you create your nasty Witch’s Brew mixture, make sure to add a fake hand or another appendage of your choosing to up the gross-out factor. At its heart, the Witch’s Brew is a simple spiked punch, with a twist.

#2: Spiked Coffee

This is a really easy punch to make and it tastes great too. If you don’t want the hassle and trouble of a fancy cocktail, and you still want something with a kick, Spiked Coffee is a great alternative.

Usually made with coffee liqueur, like Kahlua, and vodka of any kind, it is great to serve as a punch or as individual cocktails. Plus, it is brown, which is nasty, and that totally fits Halloween. Who doesn’t want to drink a brownish drink on the holiday celebrating the grotesque? If the brown cocktail thing is not enough for you, add some chocolate shavings as a garnish.

#3: Hemingway Cocktail

Now, before you yell and scream that Hemingway has nothing to do with Halloween, think of the traditional color of this cocktail. It is a classic, and pretty delicious, and it happens to be red. Like blood. And guts. Zombie guts. See?

This is a classic begging to be revamped for Halloween parties! Just buy some gummy eyeballs as a garnish and you have Zombie Punch or Vampire Blood, or whatever cheesy Halloween name you can come up with.

A classic Hemingway Cocktail is part rum, part grapefruit juice, and part simple syrup. If you want, you can add some lime juice to give it more of a sour kick. If you use this one for a Halloween party, make sure to use ruby red grapefruit juice; the darker the better.

#4: Vampire Kiss Martini

If you are of the more elegant crowd, a solid martini at a Halloween party is a must. This one is a bit unique and has a lot of opportunity for gross-out garnishes. The key is using a raspberry liqueur, like Chambord, and champagne to give this cocktail its unique flavor; the deeper the red of the liqueur, the better.

Of course, you can get some gummy worms, black licorice, or candy corn to add as a creative garnish too. And none of this would appear cheesy at all. Not even close.

#5: Bayou Slime

If the previous four recipes did not have enough gross-out factors in them, this recipe is the one for you. At its heart, the Bayou Slime is a weird take on a mojito, which is always delicious. However, this disgusting-looking cocktail has a twist.

To give the foam on top a backwoods, bayou feel, add one egg white to the cocktail mix and stir vigorously. The egg white adds sickening, thick foam to the top of the drink and the cordial used in the mix adds a spicy kick. To add even more to this unique drink, sprinkle some muddled mint leaves on top to look like bayou moss. This one does take a little more time, but its uniqueness and offensiveness is sure to be a hit at parties.

Halloween cocktails don’t have to be cheesy or ridiculous at all. All five of these drinks are serious, adult-centric beverages that are sure to please, even with the child-like garnishes. Each drink requires a certain level of class and sophistication to truly appreciate it or just enough primers not to really care.

Just be sure you cackle like a demon, witch, or mindless zombie while you make them. You need to make sure that the sophisticated group of adults dressed in ridiculous costumes knows these drinks are for the classiest of folks. Who are we kidding? Try out these insane takes on some classic cocktails and enjoy your Halloween party!