60 Ounce Stainless Steel Flask

No More Drinking Alone

People who love flasks know that life is an adventure. They also know the joy of toasting their experiences with a good drink. Flasks allow solo travelers to take care of themselves by always keeping the best beverages on hand, whether they’re enjoying a show, a game or even a private evening beside a campfire. However, the 60 oz. stainless steel flask goes a step farther. Instead of quenching one person’s thirst, this flask meets the needs of the group. With its significantly increased volume, the 60 oz. stainless steel flask is the favorite of people who prefer not to drink alone.

Couples Love It

Romantic picnics are a mainstay of love stories for a reason, and the experience is not complete without enjoying your favorite wine. The movies usually show lovers popping open a bottle, but take a moment to think about the ways this could limit your experience. If you and your lover are taking a hike, the bottle takes up valuable backpack space. If you’re riding bikes, the bottle could be jostled around and break. Even if it makes it to your destination, the popped cork reduces its stability for the journey back. You risk spilling your wine unless you drink everything at one time, and doing this limits your ability to continue your adventure. A picnic with a bottle of wine is nice, but what about a picnic and bottle of wine, followed by a hike to a lake and a canoe ride with more drinks to share on the moonlit water? Making this happen with an open bottle is challenging. Making it happen with a highly portable stainless steel flask is easy. The 60 oz. stainless steel flask increases romantic possibilities.

No Extreme Sports Skills Required

Of course, even couples who take a car on their romantic get-a-ways will love the flask because it is something new and unexpected. Simple changes do major good for couples stuck in a romantic rut, and using a flask is a change that is super easy to make. Sharing sips from a flask also increases intimacy between any couple, or even group of friends. Imagine pouring all your drinks in separate cups and drinking them independently. Now, imagine passing a flask around a tight circle. Maybe each person must say something funny or meaningful before taking a drink. This type of sharing creates closeness and bonding. It also builds important relationship qualities because everyone must trust that no one will take too much from the flask for himself or herself. If the idea of sharing a single drink with many people just isn’t for you, then don’t discount the idea of the flask. The flask carries a kind of mystique that makes it classier than a small keg or bottle of wine. Consider engraving the stainless steel with a special toast. Reading this from the flask before pouring from it can still be a powerful exercise in creating camaraderie.

Stainless Steel Benefits

Stainless steel can virtually always be cleaned to have a sophisticated luminescent shine. It is also extremely durable and can handle travel well. The increased size of the 60 oz. makes it difficult to carry within clothing like other flasks. However, the flask has maintained its characteristic shape and fits very well into brief cases, backpacks and purses without taking up extra space or drawing the attention that a bottle or six-pack would. The stainless steel is heat resistant. It also resists corrosion. These qualities make it an excellent choice for keeping everything from beer to vodka fresh and ready for adventure.