7 Great Websites for Drink Recipes

If you are looking for a website for drink recipes, then look no further! Whether you need a recipe for a cocktail, a shot, a frozen drink, or all three, you are bound to find what you need with one of these 7 great website for drink recipes. Each site will also have a lot more to offer, as the more information they can give you, the better! You can find reviews, videos, events and almost everything you could ever want in a website dedicated to the art of alcohol.

DrinksMixer.com: So Many Recipes

DrinksMixer.com boasts that it has more than 22,400 recipes for mixed drinks. It would take over 61 years to try them all if you made just one new drink every day!

The website starts off with a search feature and there is also keyword tag cloud, which allows those who are perhaps less in control of their typing functions to click on an ingredient to start a search. Check out the Drink of the Day and the top drinks of the month. Along the right side of the front page are the top 100 most popular drinks on the website.

If there is a drink that you can’t find on this website, then it’s a figment of your imagination. It simply must not exist, or maybe you made it up. Take a cue, and try the Drink of the Day, week, month, or an all-time favorite.

Liquor.com: A Sophisticated Experience

Liquor.com look more like an online magazine dedicated to the art of mixology than just another website. You can certainly find recipes for drinks, but they also have a lot of content focused on highlighting featured brands of spirits and seasonal mixes, and the lifestyle of those in the industry.

They also offer articles by expert bartenders and even recipes for baking with your favorite spirits. Learn about tips and trends, or even sign up for an event such as a special tasting at a particular bar or a trip

Barmano.com: Help with Choosing Your Drink

Barmano.com also has a lot of beverage recipe lists to choose from, such as the Top Cocktails list and the New Cocktails and Drinks list. The site allows you to search for cocktails based on popularity, as the ones with the highest user rating are displayed first.

Even more impressive is its Drink Mixer Tool, which can be accessed from the home page of the website. Simply type in the ingredients that you have on hand and the Drink Mixer Tool will create a list of all the drinks that you can make. Furthermore, the website also offers extensive reviews of drinks and bar and clubs. You can even access a city’s bar guide to find all of the reviews for a few drinks out on the town.

International Bartender’s Association: The Experts

Like the homepage of an alma mater, but for bartenders, the International Bartender’s Association (IBA) offers a host of recipes for their Official Drinks used in competition.

Try the Unforgettables (drinks that are time-tested and beloved) such as the Gin Fizz, the Dry Martini, and the Sidecar. Or endulge in those drinks which started the whole cocktail culture in the U.S. Next are the Contemporary Classics (which are drinks that haven’t been around as long) but are those that are always going to be memorable. Examples are the Cosmopolitan, the Harvey Wallbanger and the Mojito.  Last, you can find the New Era Drinks, which are destined to be classics. Try the B52, a Lemon Drop Martini or a Kamikaze.

DrinkRecipesBar.com: Themed Drinks

This website features over 10,000 different drinks, including an A to Z lineup. The site is simple and easy to use without a dizzying array of buttons, lists, and categories. What really sets this site apart from the others is that it has compiled its drinks into a themed category. Looking for a shot that will go down nicely after a turkey-stuffed Thanksgiving dinner? They have that. There are drinks for Mardi Gras, Christmas Drinks, and even X-rated drink mixes.

Epicurious Drinks: The Drinks for the Foodie

Epicurious is one of the top names in gourmet food on the Internet, and that tradition carries over to their more than 1,300 drink recipes. Everything is at your fingertips. You can print out a shopping list, or even use the site as an App on your smart phone.

These are drink recipes for the true connoisseur and not for the faint of heart. Some of the drink mixes might include rare ingredients or even cooking, but a rating system ensures that whatever you make will be excellent.

Cuervo.com/Absolut.com/JimBeam.com: Brand-Name Websites

If you have a loyalty to a certain brand or trademark, you can find a list of drinks to make with their product on their websites. Jose Cuervo features the margarita and others, Absolut has vodka martinis and more, and Jim Beam offers the Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sours, and the like. If you absolutely refuse to drink anything but your favorite drink, then their website will have a virtual fridge full of drinks for you to try.