An iPhone Bottle Opener and More

Technology can make your life better in so many different areas. Computers make organizing and conducting your daily business easy, your phones make staying in touch on the go possible, and kitchen gadgets make it possible to cook a delicious meal in minutes. Did you know that there are now cool alcohol gadgets and accessories that will add to your drinking experience. If you love throwing house gatherings or you enjoy having a drink on a regular basis, find out what gadgets are available that are useful and cool.

The iPhone Case and Bottle Opener in One

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and not known where to find a bottle opener? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use your lighter or even your teeth to open a beer bottle. The Intoxicase iPhone Case will solve the problem. Open your imported beer bottles with your phone case and spare your teeth. While there will never be an iPhone app that can open your beer, this is as close as you will get.

Open Your Wine Bottles Without All of the Fuss

If you are tired of using the standard cork screw wine bottle openers, a Epicureanist Electric Wine Openermay be just what you need. This accessory will help you open the corks of all of your favorite spirits with just a press of the button and comes with a portable and rechargeable stand. When it is not in use, it can sit on your counter top and blend in with all of your modern appliances.

A Practical Wine Stopper

There are so many different wine stoppers that are designed to keep your bottle sealed when you are done pouring glasses. Many of the wine stoppers are girly and come with decorations that attract a lot of attention. If you want to keep something sealed the practical way, why not invest in a bolt wine stopper. With threads and a bolt top, the bolt wine stopper is practical and great for the handyman at heart. Not to mention, it can be removed with the average wrench.

Keep People Out of Your Liquor

In the past, parents would have a liquor cabinet where they would keep their booze hidden away from the children. Today, you might live with roommates that you want to keep out of your wine bottles. If you are chilling your wine and you just do not trust the people in your home, the might want to invest in the Liquor Lock Combination. This is an industrial-quality lock that is but on the top of your bottle to ensure that only people with the combination can drink your Carlo Rossi or your Pinot Grigio.

Never Waste Drinks at a Party Again

Are you tired of throwing away half drunken bottles of beer and full glasses of cocktails because you are not sure who had their lips on the glass? If you are throwing a party, you know how much you spend just to keep the party going with plenty of alcohol. As the alcohol runs out, you quickly notice how many drinks were wasted because not one cup was labeled. Invest in a trusty Brother P-Touch Personal Label Maker and make labels that will stick to just about any drink that you serve.

Can You Turn Juice Into Alcohol?

If you have all of the right materials, you can turn your favorite juice into alcohol and serve a truly original drink at your next dinner. The DIY Juice to Alcohol Kit comes with a packet of “magic” that will turn a single bottle of juice into a bottle of alcohol in 48 hours. Do not think that the alcohol is weak by any means. With an alcohol content of 14 percent, you are sure to be ready to party after your first drink.

Make Margaritas at Home with the Right Frozen Beverage Machine

You have a machine to make coffee right on your counter. Why not invest in a machine that will help you make frozen alcoholic drinks. The Faby Frozen Drink Maker is perfect for any party. The drink not only mixes the drinks for you, it will also keep your mix cool all night long so you never have to end your party.

Whether you buy these gadgets for yourself or as a gift you can certainly count on feeling a little “cooler” when popping the bottle for sure.