Anne Taintor Flask Reviews

If you want to pull out an accessory that really gets people talking, try an Anne Taintor flask. A flask, in general, tends to catch people’s attention, but an Anne Taintor flask has eye-catching color and funny sayings that really get the conversation started. With 23 different flasks to choose from, all in the four-ounce stainless steel variety, there is sure to be one perfect for you.

Classic “Happy Hour” Anne Taintor Flask

This snazzy little four-ounce flask has a blue background with stars and an “Anne Taintor lady” holding a glass. The caption describes the woman’s happiness at the prospect of, well, Happy Hour. It comes with a companion funnel, because there’s nothing quite so un-ladylike as spilling booze all over yourself while trying to fill the flask.

Classic “That Kind of Girl” Anne Taintor Flask

Are you “that kind of girl?” If so, Anne Taintor has got the flask for you. This classic flask has a light blue background with a silver top and cap.

The really striking feature of this flask is the red-haired woman with the mischievous look in her eye. The caption reads “Why yes, I am that kind of girl.” There’s something about this picture that makes you believe it, and when you carry this flask, people might just believe it about you, too.

Classic “Umbrella” Anne Taintor Flask

Do you want to get away from it all? Take a mini tropical vacation when you take out this Anne Taintor flask. Complete with screw-on cap and funnel, the basic look of this flask is established with a picture of a beach in a tropical paradise.

The woman pictured on the flask is wearing a floral print and staring pensively out at you. The caption speaks of her desire to have an umbrella in her drink. At 2 3/4 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches tall, you can easily tuck this flask into your beach bag so you can pour your own drink in a tropical paradise. All you need is an umbrella, too!

Warning: Not all guys will interpret the word umbrella the same way, especially at happy hour.

Classic “Rehab” Anne Taintor Flask

Is it too soon after the death of Amy Winehouse to have a flask that jokes about rehab? If so, deal with it! This Anne Taintor flask puts it right out there for you with a bold declaration about being the most popular girl in rehab.

Guaranteed to bring laughs as long as your company is not too uptight, the flask features a nature scene with plenty of flowers and bushes as a backdrop. In the foreground, there is a smiling brunette “Anne Taintor woman” who can almost give you the impression that rehab might be in her future. The flask is only four ounces, so it doesn’t necessarily put rehab in your future, but it can give you a drink when you need it most.

Taintor with a Twist “Vacation” Flask

You’ve been there, right? You want to take a vacation, but you can’t quite afford it. This flask offers some interesting advice on that subject, suggesting that drinking until you don’t know where you are may be the best bet. The setting looks to be an office or den with a woman sitting on a couch talking to a nearby man. The classic mid-twentieth century cartoon style provides vivid color on the silver flask and will probably change when you look at again after finishing the contents of your flask.

Taintor with a Twist “Cocktail” Flask

When you need another cocktail, this flask has got your back. It holds four ounces of your favorite beverage and presents it in a colorful container with a sturdy screw-on cap.

The flask has a yellow background printed on the silver base with a picture featuring several gentlemen gathered around a blonde woman. The caption suggests that the ultimate gift for the woman who has everything is, of course, another cocktail. Again, a very high possible risk of misinterpretation by men here.

Taintor with a Twist “Work” Flask

Don’t you hate the way society tries to dictate when you can drink and when you can’t? Well, the character on this flask certainly does. The caption questions why she should wait until after work for drinks.

The flask is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and very colorful. There are two women and a man pictured on it in a blue room with pictures on the wall. While you probably don’t want to use the flask to drink at work yourself, it’s kind of cool to know that you could.

Anne Taintor flasks can brighten your day in more ways than one. Colorful, funny, and irreverent, these flasks are absolutely perfect for carrying your drinks or just raising an eyebrow or two when you pull it out of your purse.

Purely as flasks, they function well, too. They carry a good, discreet amount of liquid and fit nicely into purses or pockets. And with many different funny captions to choose from, they make it easy to find the one that speaks to you.