Are Flasks Really Popular in Trailer Parks?

If you’ve never lived in a trailer park, or you don’t watch reality television shows about cops, then what you think you know about these fascinating communities may or may not be accurate. Of course, one of the more commonly held stereotypes about trailer parks is that their residents have never met a drink they didn’t like. As a result of this assumption, you may have also pondered in the past, are flasks really popular in trailer parks? Well, that depends on many factors.

What Kind of Trailer Park is it?

When most people hear the expression “trailer park,” chances are most of them envision a community decorated with old and rusty appliances, inhabited by folks who haven’t seen a dentist in a decade or two. While the reality is that there are many run-down trailer parks that house extremely poor people, there are also plenty that provide homes for blue collar folks and even the middle class.

In fact, some trailer parks are retirement communities or summer retreats for some pretty well-off citizens! Yes, it’s true: Not every trailer park is a place where dogs run wild and baby diapers don’t exist.

So, with all this in mind, what about the popularity of flasks? While a flask-carrying redneck may be in keeping with the stereotypes of a trailer park, the reality is that a person with next-to-no money is more likely to drink out of an old, used bottle.

Unless a flask is an heirloom, or one of the cheap disposable kinds, the chances are that an economically challenged person isn’t going to shell out $20 for a nice stainless steel flask. After all, that money could be better spent on the booze!

On the other hand, if you’re talking about a working class trailer park, or one with affluent retirees, then flasks may indeed be the rage. Whether you’re heading out for a day of hunting, to catch a game of football, or to play 18 holes at the nearby golf course, a sturdy flask can certainly come in handy.

In fact, in these types of trailer parks personalized and engraved flasks may be very popular; given out weddings, family reunions, and picnics with the boss. What better way to commemorate an event then to have someone reminded of it every time they take a swig? See? Trailer park folk aren’t so different after all.

How Close is the Local Watering Hole?

The popularity of flasks in a trailer park will also depend on how close the nearest pub or liquor store is. If the trailer park has a convenience store or two that sells beer and booze, then flasks may not be overly necessary. Additionally, if the park residents are more likely to take their cousin’s pick-up truck to a pub that’s right nearby, then flasks may not be that common.

That being said, if the skyscraper-less community is far removed from any bar or store that sells alcohol, then the local residents may be much more inclined to own a flask. If you have to make a fair-sized trek to get a drink, then stocking up at home and having a flask to carry around some liquor is a great way to go.

As any drinking vet will tell you, however, you can never be steered wrong by carrying a flask, even if alcohol is readily available. You may feel like a quick sip while you wait in line at a bar, or while you wait outside for your friends to show up for target practice. You may like to sneak a little bit of bourbon, gin, or scotch while you also enjoy a nice frosty beer. You may even be glad you brought your flask after last call and it’s time to begin the long walk home.

Is There a Moonshine Still?

Of course, no trailer park story–heavily influenced by stereotypes–is complete without at least one image of a moonshine distillery. That said, it’s an important question to ask while debating whether flasks are popular in trailer parks. Logic would tell you that, if there are a few liquor stills hidden away in the trailer park, chances are flasks are also not uncommon. Truth be told, you could say the same thing for any community that has plenty of homegrown spirits.

Is it a Dry Trailer Park?

At first glance, one may be tempted to say that a dry trailer park (one where alcohol is not allowed) will not have flasks, but think again. In addition to being very convenient, flasks are also extremely easy to conceal and, as a result, they’re a great way to sneak a sip now and again. Just because someone else thinks drinking should be forbidden, doesn’t mean you have to.

Perhaps this one of the main reasons that some bona fide geniuses made flasks that look exactly like cell phones and cameras. Sure, they’re good for a laugh, but comedy isn’t the real reason for this marvelous invention. It’s because these entrepreneurs understood that a product that allows folks to take a discreet drink or two is a great way to make a few bucks. If there’s no cellular service available in the region, however, then maybe the fake cell phone flask isn’t such a bright idea.