Bachelor Party Tips…So You Will Show Up at Your Wedding

A bachelor party is a rite of passage that every man should enjoy before his wedding, but it can also land the groom in hot water when the party prevents him from getting to the altar. It is important to plan ahead so that the bachelor party doesn’t interfere with the actual wedding, which is the entire point of the whole shebang.

Follow these tips to make sure that the groom does not die, become hospitalized, jailed, or otherwise incapacitated to the degree that he doesn’t make it to the actual ceremony.

Plan Smartly

There is no rule that says that a bachelor party must occur the night before the wedding. While such timing does add drama and excitement to the entire procedure of getting married, it does leave less time if something goes amiss.

Plan a bachelor party a few days before the day of the actual wedding so that everyone has enough time to recover from alcohol poisoning, to get out of jail, or to find a ride back from Mexico.

Have a Schedule

Many times you may have no choice but to plan a bachelor party for the night before the wedding. You may be waiting for a relative or best bro to get into town, or you may not have another free evening. If you must have your bachelor party right before the wedding, make sure that you plan well. Make sure whoever is doing the planning understands this concept.

Planning a schedule does not mean that every minute has to be planned out with anal precision like touring a museum; nothing will kill the ambiance of a party quicker. What the schedule means is that you have something next on the list when your current activity gets boring.

There is a saying that goes, “idle hands are the Devil’s tools,” and never was the saying as true as when a bunch of men and alcohol get together with nothing to do. As soon as there is a lull, some genius invariable says, “Hey, we should ______!” Fill in the blank with any stunt that is stupid, dangerous, or illegal.

Most bachelor party planning follows a similar path. Guys arrive, drink beer, maybe play some cards, talk about getting a stripper or such, and that’s it. That leaves a lot of idle time that leads to juggling with power tools, driving to Tijuana, breaking and entering, or seeing who can drink the most. Having a schedule of sorts means that there is always something to do next, so that Einstein doesn’t ever have to bring up trying to fish with dynamite in the dark, going streaking at the old folks’ home, or attempting tricks with guns.

Such a plan needs only to be filled with actual, possible things to do. For instance, the guys arrive, you play poker for an hour, take a taxi to a strip club, go to the bar next door to shoot pool and play darts, and then take a taxi back to wherever the groom is spending the night for another hour of sloppy, drunk poker. Have food to eat for the last segment to soak up alcohol, give the guys something to do, and help to create a tired, satisfied feeling that will keep the guys indoors.

Have an Off-Limits List

Make sure that your list of activities gives forethought to those that you should avoid. Again, these are activities that are illegal or dangerous. You know–common-sense stuff. For instance, if you are going out, make sure that no one is in the position to have to drive drunk. Murphy’s Law of “if it can go wrong, it probably will,” will just about ensure that such activity will land the party and/or groom in jail. Plan a designated driver or find a taxi service or two.

Put a Leash on Trouble

Every guy has that one friend who, when the two are together, seems to be a magnet for trouble. The best of intentions can’t seem to compete with the almost chemical reaction that gets the two of you arrested, injured, or lost. While this bro is likely not the bride’s favorite person, if she is “the one,” then she won’t try to tell you he can’t be included in your bachelor party. He’s probably your best man anyway!

While the two of you get into a lot of trouble, such friends are usually pretty loyal. Give this guy the task of making sure you get home; make sure he understands that nothing is more important at the moment. Invariably, his loyalty to your mission will overcome any hi-jinks.

Designate a Leader

Plan a back-up just in case the above attempts to head off trouble are unsuccessful. Designate the most level-headed guy to tell you when enough is enough.

As much as it may seem like dirty pool at the time, give this guy carte blanche to call the bride if the bachelor party is headed for trouble. While your bride-to-be may be a sweet gal at any other time, few things are as terrifying as a pissed-off woman the night before her wedding. You don’t want to tangle with that beast!

With careful planning, both the bachelor party and the wedding itself will be a time enjoyed by all.