Best Types of Drunk People

While alcohol can be the reason why your good friend turns into the biggest moron on Earth for a night, fortunately, booze can also be a force for good. Although, granted, taking pleasure in the company of tanked people usually requires that you’ve also had at least three or four drinks, there is a reason that liquor is a multibillion dollar industry. So, if you’re looking to maximize your drinking fun this weekend, here are the best types of drunk people to consider partying with.

Life-of-the-Party Drunk

If you’re hoping to party hard on your next outing, then naturally, it’s a good idea to ride shotgun with a life-of-the-party type drunk. Not only do these precious folks typically push their entourage to down a few drinks and then some, they’re often the instigators for fun activities like dancing, singing, chanting, you name it.

In addition, these party animals usually have an uncanny knack for bringing other happy-go-lucky people into their crew. So, if you’re hoping to hook up with some attractive and friendly citizens and need someone else to do the legwork, then calling up this type of drunk is a wise idea.

Now, if you’re not looking to come out of your shell and detest any kind of attention, then life-of-the-party drunks may not be the best choice. In addition, sometimes these booze hounds can call for more drastic party measures like streaking or skinny dipping, so if you’re not into the whole nudity in public thing, watch your step.

Laid-Back Drunk

Although the laid-back drunk is the polar opposite of the life-of-the-party type, if you’re just in the mood to chill and have a relaxing evening, then this person is ideal. Laid-back drunks typically prefer to hang out at someone’s home, on a patio or the beach, or at a mellow lounge. Really, they’re up for anything, as long as they don’t have to deal with eardrum-shattering music and hour-long lines at the bar.

In addition to the relaxing vibe they can bring, laid-back drunks are often great for evenings where you need to get some things off your chest or if you feel like talking about current affairs or movies. Often conversing with a laid-back drunk can lead to a booze-fueled discussion about religion, philosophy, or the meaning of life. Sure, it may sound terribly serious, but not every night of drinking has to involve five hours of drunken debauchery and karaoke.

While hanging out with a laid-back drunk can be exactly what the doctor ordered, if you’re hoping to forget your troubles for an evening, than this mellow drinking partner may not be best. A call to your buddy who turns into the happiest or most generous guy on the planet is probably the right way to go.

Generous Drunk

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to hang out with a generous drunk for an evening or two, then you know why they can be the best people to tip a few with. Usually this type of drunk enjoys spoiling their friends, or even treating newfound pals to a round or two of drinks. Or, they may take you to one of the busiest nightclubs in town and get you right through the line with a huge tip to the bouncer. Good times are to be had!

While having a generous drunk in your entourage is always nice, and can reduce the stress on your bank account, one has to be careful not to exploit their generosity. Since alcohol is known to diminish our ability to reason and think straight (in case you didn’t know), you don’t want to be the reason your generous buddy doesn’t make rent.

Loving Drunk

Chances are you’ve also run into this type of intoxicated individual on more than one occasion, and depending on what kind of mood you were in, hanging out with a loving drunk may have been a godsend. Drinking with these folks is an amazing way to boost your ego, since their shtick typically involves telling others how amazingly smart, kind, or funny they think they are. Who doesn’t like hearing that?

Depending on the situation, and the type of loving drunk with whom you’re hanging out, they may also tell you how “cute”, “hot”, or “sexy” you are. In other words, partying with a loving drunk can lead to physical acts you may or may not regret in the sober morning. Particularly, of course, if you’re prone to being a “loving” person yourself after you’ve tossed back a few beverages.