Bev-Burry 3 oz. Cell Phone Flask Review

Make the Call for Alcohol

Bev-Burry has made a name for itself by creating a flask that provides maximum discretion. The flask looks almost exactly like a functional cell phone with a key pad. However the only calls you’ll be making on it are for alcohol. It holds three ounces of your favorite beverage, so it’s a great choice for people who want to have a few quick shots on hand. To load the phone, simply open the plastic latch atop the phone and pour in alcohol using the funnel included with the phone-shaped flask.

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Your Pass Back to the Social Scene

A flask that looks virtually identical to a cell phone is an instant conversation piece. It is also your pass to receiving free alcohol at major events, such as concerts and football games. While you may or may not have success getting a traditional hip flask in the door or through the gates, the Bev-Burry cell phone flask may be the solution to the problem. Whether dropped discreetly into your purse of clipped onto your belt, this flask genuinely looks like a phone and will normally not draw any additional attention. Once inside a venue, the Bev-Burry cell phone flask allows you to avoid wasting money on over-priced and water-downed drinks. It also saves wasted time waiting in bar lines away from the action of the main event. Thanks to the Bev-Burry, a lack of cash is no longer a reason to resist making social calls.

The Key to Discretion

Slipping in the door at social events may not be the only time you need discretion when it comes to displaying your flask. Think about lengthy business conferences. You don’t want to raise eyebrows or behave unprofessionally. At the same time, you know that taking a quick shot to get you through the cab ride home after a day’s worth of lecturing may be a welcome and deserved experience. Family reunions present similar circumstances. You don’t want to attract questions and rumors from your tee-totaling relatives or to start trouble from curious kids who decide to go diving through your bag. At the same time, knowing you can end the day with a quick shot of your favorite drink may help you endure hours of answering nosy questions and being base during your nieces’ and nephews’ spontaneous games of freeze tag.

A Great Gift

The Bev-Burry cell phone flask also makes an interesting and useful gift or party favor. University students (of legal age of course) may be particularly grateful to receive this on their birthdays or at graduation. Innovative and creative employers may also give these as gifts to the staff. This is a particularly good idea for employers within the cell phone and telemarketing industries who are willing to bring some humor into the workplace. The flask’s small size makes it excellent for placing in piƱatas designed for use at adult garden parties. This unique flask is also a great gift idea for people who collect unusual objects, and it can work well at group parties that require everyone to place gifts within a general pool and then draw numbers to decide who receives each one. Even people who don’t drink regularly will appreciate this gift because it can double as a travel container for non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, such as cheerios, nuts, M&Ms and popcorn. Families who want to bring extra snacks into movie theaters and restaurants will find this flask to be an unexpectedly useful resource

The Bev-Burry 3 ounce Cell Phone Flask is an ideal gift for many and comes without any long term contracts!