Bible Flask

Some people may call this stainless steel flask and Bible-shaped case sacrilegious, but collectors of bizarre conversation pieces will find it to be a true homage to all things surreal. On the other hand, the usefulness of a Bible-bound flask may not be lost on members of the growing group of devout, yet also open-minded, Christians, who make an art of not taking themselves too seriously. Represented by organizations like the Christian Left, these faithful followers may embrace the Bible flask as a reminder that Jesus’ first celebrated miracle involved transforming water into wine. Can you imagine a preacher actually offering holy sacraments with wine poured from his Bible flask? This could be a method for reaching young congregants and taking a sermon to the street. It may be far-fetched, but the very existence of Bible flasks teaches us that anything is possible.

The Sins of Long Lines and Cheap Beer

Meanwhile, the stainless steel Bible flask is a great gift for co-eds who want an interesting way to transport their flasks into music venues, restaurants and sporting events. A clearly visible flask may land in the hands of club bouncers and ticket takers. However, a flask concealed within a book casing, of the Bible no less, could make it right through the gates, within which it will be quickly put to work fighting the sins of long lines and cheap beer. Think about the amount of time it takes to leave your seat and wait to pay a high price for a low quality drink. Often a six pack of your favorite brew is available for the same price as one or two drinks purchased at the bar. Your six-pack may have to stay home, but good brew will still be waiting for you inside your good book, if you pack your Bible flask. Students and alumnae (of legal age) who enjoy tailgating before a big game will also find that the Bible flask is an automatic conversation piece, making their camp an instant attraction.

A Strong Foundation

The Bible asks that people of the church build a strong foundation built on faith and good works. The Bible flask has a strong foundation too, built on stainless steel. The stainless steel flask held inside the Bible-inspired case is naturally heat resistant.  It will help keep your drink fresh and can be used multiple times. Many contemporary flasks are designed for one time use, but this one is built to be something you can potentially pass down through generations. If handing it down through generations of an actual family is a bit of a stretch, the Bible flask can at least become a fraternity tradition centered on senior members who ceremoniously bestow the gift of their Bible flasks upon unsuspecting freshmen.

A Flask Full of Blessings

This stainless steel flask can also be engraved. If offering this as a gift, seriously consider adorning it with some kind of prayer. The prayer can be anything from a fraternity or sorority creed, to an Irish drinking  song, to an original work of poetry offering sincere blessings to whomever receives the unique gift. Likewise, do not discount adorning the flask with an actual Bible  verse. A verse about turning water into wine or a verse from the wineskin parable would be appropriate. A verse blessing the flask and its contents could also persuade the open minded preacher to use it for authentic sacraments. Finally, remember that the flask need not contain alcohol alone; you can fill it with holy water too.