Can I bring a Flask to a Concert?

Bringing a flask to a concert is a sound way to save on the exorbitant cost of drinks, as well as to add a bit of fun and interest to the outing, all providing that you are over legal drinking age. If you think about it, a flask is probably one of the most innocent items that security could find in your pocket at most concerts!

If you are allowed to brink in containers such as flasks, or you are going ahead despite rules and regulations, then make sure that your beverage of choice complements your particular concert. You can also accessorize your flasks to match as well.

For instance, a fashionable glass or silver flask with red wine or aged brandy is perfect for a classical music concert. While beer is probably not a good choice for a standard six to eight ounce flask, any hard liquor in a stainless steel flask will be a great choice at a rock concert.

If you do bring a flask to a concert, make sure that you are prepared to follow exact flask etiquette. The very nature of a flask demands that you offer it to your fellow concertgoers, so be fully prepared to share with those around you!

What concerts allow me to bring a flask?

Whether or not you are allowed to bring a flask to a concert really depends upon the venue. The venue’s website should have lists of what you are and aren’t allowed to bring into the concert.

Some venues–generally those that are outside with general admission that lacks assigned seating–are very flask friendly. They may even allow cans, bottles, and coolers; though a flask will always be the ultimate in cool for transporting your favorite spirits.

Other venues will ban just about any beverage, alcoholic or otherwise. Bouncers, security guards, and metal sensors are all employed to keep containers such as flasks out of the concert area. As a result, many concert attendees have had to employ a variety of means to get flasks and such through the checkpoints at the door.

On the other hand, some venues might pay lip service to banning flasks and other containers, but not really search for hidden items such as a flask. You never can tell how lax the security will be until you get to the venue, unless you are familiar with the place.

Why aren’t flasks allowed?

There are a lot of reasons why flasks would not be allowed at a concert. One big reason, at large and small venue alike, is sales. Often, a venue makes a large chunk of its profits from food and beverage sales. Allowing concertgoers to bring their own drinks or food cuts into that revenue; venues ban all outside containers to force patrons to buy $8 bottles of water and $12 or higher drinks.

Another reason why flasks may be banned at a concert is open container laws. Open container laws vary from state to state and even between different municipalities.

Since flasks are not factory sealed, they qualify as an open container, even if you are not openly drinking from it. Open container violations generally result in a ticket and a fine, though your flask may just be confiscated.

Furthermore, venues that are trying to limit the consumption of alcohol to decrease violent incidents will also ban outside containers and flasks, generally selling only beer and other light alcoholic drinks.

Should I just leave my flask at home then?

A good rule of thumb to follow for bringing a flask is if your kids are with you, then you shouldn’t bring a flask. While you might need a stiff drink more than ever just to get through the songs of a purple dinosaur or some Disney production on ice, you will just have to wait until you get home and the kids are otherwise engaged, or sleeping.

Can I sneak my flask into the concert?

Some people choose to throw caution to the wind and accept the challenge presented by a ban on flasks and other containers at a concert. The ingenuity that is displayed by those sneaking a flask into a concert would impress the FBI, Scotland Yard, and NASA all at once.

Velcro contraptions, flasks that look like innocuous items, and clever hiding places all are used to get a flask past security. There are even plastic flasks that won’t set off metal detectors. However, you need to realize that there could be some dire consequences for attempting to flaunt your flask in the face of authority.

First, you could lose your flask. It could be confiscated as contraband if you try to sneak it past checkpoints. You may also be denied entry if you are found with a flask that is not allowed. Of course, you could always try to re-enter at another point or at a later time, as most concerts involve so many people that security can’t possible remember every face.

Furthermore, you could also be escorted out of the concert if you managed to get a prohibited flask through security, but are spotted with it once inside. Then, you will lose the opportunity to enjoy the concert, which was what the concert was really all about in the first place. And, you wouldn’t get a refund of your ticket price after you’re kicked out!

However, security may be too busy chasing around those with substances that are illegal no matter what, so bringing a flask despite being forbidden to do so may not be that big of a deal after all!

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