Flasks allow people to discretely carry small amounts of hard liquor in their pockets or purses. Most flasks are rectangular and are slightly contoured to fit neatly in an individual’s back pocket. They are made of shiny, silver-colored metal and may have artificially antiqued swirls engraved on them. Their lids are attached to levers and screw closed to prevent spills. Flasks that look like this are fine for people who like the standard look, but some people prefer cooler, more youthful flasks. If a flask is going to become a mainstay in a person’s pocket, they should choose one that expresses their personality, one that they would want to be seen holding.

Book Flasks

A flask that looks like a book is sophisticated and urbane. It can be placed on a table, kept on a shelf or carried in a bag without attracting the notice that shiny metal flasks always receive. A book flask is very affordable, making it a good starting point for someone who is interested in purchasing something unique. It would be a great gift for someone who is either a bookworm or a bit of a lush. Giving a flask as a gift is sometimes perceived as an insult, but this one is so fun that it will surely be received well by anyone.

A variation on a book flask is a real book that has had the centers of its pages cut out to provide a hiding spot for a flask. Books like this blend right in with the other books on a shelf or in a backpack. Academic notebook flasks usually come with a generic silver flask that fits inside the hole in the pages. An attached elastic band keeps the notebook shut. Books that hold flasks are very popular among college students.

Holy Water Flask

Plastic holy water bottles can be purchased online for less than $1. These would make great gag gifts for large groups of people. The lids on these bottles will not stay securely shut in bags and pockets, so they have very limited practicality. If they are being given as gifts, the giver should be generous enough to fill them with alcohol first.

Unsurprisingly, there are several companies that manufacture real flasks that look like holy water bottles. They do not often feature real religious imagery, so they are not tasteless or offensive. They are usually designed to look like they are wrapped in old parchment. It is even possible to purchase a flask-holding book in the model of a Bible.

Hobby-Oriented Flasks

Etsy is a website on which crafters sell items that they make themselves. Some people have begun making and selling one-of-a-kind flasks that are related to niche hobbies. Fans of classic video games will want to own the flask that has an image of a Nintendo hand controller from the 1980s on it. This Game Boy flask is another option for gamers. This ironically tiny Hulk flask is exceptionally well-crafted. Many Etsy sellers are willing to customize items, making the site a good resource for someone who wants to purchase a personalized flask.

A small and sleek camera flask can be carried anywhere. No one will suspect that this digital camera is really a flask. A photographer could stealthily go back and forth between the flask and his real camera.

An old-fashioned camera flask is more stylized than the previous one but is not as discrete. A photographer could not carry this around without looking like he was obviously drinking out of a flask.

Fashionable Flasks

A flask does not have to be a facsimile of something else to be cool. Interesting design elements can be incorporated into a flask without obscuring the fact that it is still a flask. A belt buckle flask makes sure that the flask is always within easy reach. This is a cool way for a guy to carry a small flask if he does not want to keep it in his pocket. Hipsters who wear tight pants and cannot comfortably fit flasks in their pockets will appreciate the kitsch factor of wearing such a blue-collar item. Nautical motifs are very popular among hipsters at the moment. A flask that looks like a ship porthole is a genuinely cool fashion accessory. Form meets function with this flask, which allows the drinker to see exactly how much liquor he has left.

This horn-shaped flask is futuristic and wildly inventive. The circle opens with a simple twist, and each side can be filled with a different kind of alcohol. A drinker with a sense of humor might try carrying a flask that looks like a gas can. The handle makes it easy to hold on one finger so fellow drinkers can see the design.

Girls can wear flasks as fashion items as well. A tiny one-shot flask with a pretty floral pattern on it is an adorable charm for a necklace. The long chain and retro print are perfectly in line with current trends. A naughty garter flask provides another way for a girl to wear her liquor. There are white bridal garter flasks available, even a black gangster garter flask that makes a fashion statement. A cowgirl-style garter flask is expensive, but it is so cool and well-designed that it is worth the cost.

A long, narrow flask that fits comfortably in the hand is an accessory in itself, particularly if it has a pretty engraving on it. Flasks with these proportions are designed to fit in small purses. They are classy and delicate. A girl who does not like any of these girly flasks can always carry one of the more typically masculine designs described above.