Flask Gift Ideas for Christmas

Have you been staring vacantly at your Christmas gift list, wondering what you’re going to get for all of those hard-to-buy-for relatives and friends of yours? After all these years, you’ve probably given them just about everything there is to give, short of the things you’ll never be able to afford. Gift cards? Chocolate? Music? Check, check, check. As they say, been there, given that.

You’ve probably given wine or beer, or even scotch and vodka. Come to think of it, bottles of liquor were probably some of the best-received of all your gift choices, weren’t they? Then why not continue in that vein, with some great flask gift ideas for Christmas.

Flask Gift Idea for Your Wife

Does your wife like to accessorize? If so, a Pink Hip Flask with Studded Stainless Steel may be the way to go. The leather look of it ensures that it will be a timeless addition to any wardrobe, while the color prevents it from getting lost in a purse, no matter what the size.

An additional benefit is that you can get it engraved, and express your sentiment in 20 different font types. Here’s to the spilling of your heart, but not the spilling of any alcohol!

Flask Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Or perhaps you’re a gal, looking for a cool way for your husband to hold his liquor. (And you really wish he would hold his liquor!) A stackable flask is perfect for the guy who likes too much alcohol. Instead of the typical flask that only allows for one beverage of malt, barley, or rye to be held, these allows for three!

Each three-ounce stacked flask comes pre-labeled, as it were – the top for Jack, the middle for Johnnie, and the bottom for Jim. It works out perfectly if your guy has one of these names and his best bros have the other two names. Otherwise, wrap this flask with a bottle each of Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker (any color), and Jim Beam, to make it the ultimate holiday gift!

If that one doesn’t float your boat, what about the nautical-themed Corks Pops Nicholas Portside Flask? This is a perfect flask if your honeymoon involved a cruise of any sort, even if you asked for the Queen Mary to England and got a two-hour dinner boat journey on the Hudson instead.

There’s much to love about this flask, from its resemblance to a porthole to its polished stainless steel exterior, and from its larger size of four ounces to the glass window that allows the drinker to see how much of their beverage is left (without having to tilt it up to their eye and do an “eyeball guesstimate”).

Flask Gift Idea for Your Best Guy Friend

While flasks for women, other than your wife, may be a risky proposition, a flask as a gift for your best guy friend is undoubtedly one of the best ideas yet! If you’ve got a good friend who has to put up with annoying in-laws, especially at Christmas (and who doesn’t?!), then the Cell Phone Flask will be most appreciated.

While his in-laws might look askance at the obvious age of his cellphone and snicker that their can’t-do-anything-right son-in-law isn’t using a smartphone, your friend will be happily oblivious to the insults. Instead, he’ll be silently praising you, while pretending to take repeated business calls “in the other room.”

Flask Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

Speaking of in-laws, aren’t they the most impossible gifts to cross of your list? Yet, they have no problem buying you the twentieth set of golf balls or ninth lighthouse ornament, just because you had an interest in golf or lighthouse collectibles more than a decade ago. So don’t overthink the gift this year! While you’re on a roll, pick out a flask for them too. Perhaps you’ll find out there’s a funny bone somewhere in there after all!

For dear ol’ mom-in-law, choose the Lip Flaskv. Made to look like an oversized lipstick, it’s not exactly discreet, but neither is she, right? And her bridge or book club companions are bound to admire it, so your esteem might actually go up just a bit in her eyes.

Your wife’s dad can really use this Bible to thump–introduce him to the Bible Flask. This four-ounce flask hides in a pretend Bible, evoking images of inmates being smuggled books full of hidden cigarettes, money, and keys. This may offend him, but then again, that may be your intention.

If he’s a fisherman or hunter, the Double-Sided Binocular Flask is a better choice. Made to resemble a pair of binoculars, he can pretend he’s scoping out his quarry, while he’s really taking a slug of one of the two drinks that fit into the flask. Each side houses its own beverage, so he can double up on the scotch or beer, or fill a side with each. And nobody will question the flask’s presence either around his neck or firmly in his hand most of the day.