Flasks are not just for men. There are many beautiful and well designed flasks for women available. If you are looking for a gift or if you just wish to have a flask of your own to bring with you when you are out an about, the following information will help you to see how many great options there truly are for flasks for women. By the time you’re done reading this, you will likely be wishing you had one already! After all, why should men have all the fun?

A Flask Makes a Lovely Graduation Gift

If your sister, friend or daughter has just graduated from college or graduate school, consider purchasing her a flask as a gift. A college graduation is definitely cause of a celebration and a flask can make a timeless gift. Purchase a bottle of your new graduate’s favorite alcohol and pre-fill the flask. Once she has received her diploma (and reached the legal drinking age) and joins your group for the celebration you can hand her flask to her right away. If you choose a metal flask you can even have it engraved with her name and a special message. You could also consider purchasing a flask with the name of the college or university she is graduating from so that she can have a fun reminder of her college experience.

Flasks For the Wedding Party

At a wedding, it is a normal tradition for brides and grooms to purchase gifts for the wedding party. Flasks are a very common gift that grooms give to their groomsmen as thanks for participating in the wedding.  But why should men have all the fun? Consider getting a set of flasks for your bridesmaids as well. You can even fill the flasks with a sweet liquor so that your bridesmaids can have a couple swigs during the wedding reception. Will we can’t guarantee members of the wedding party will remember the day they certainly will keep the flask as a memento of your special day. Some couples even include instructions in the box asking them to attend your 10 or 25 year wedding anniversary in the future, and remind them to bring their flask along. Just remember that no flask comes with any guarantee your marriage will last that long.

Buy A Flask to Celebrate a 21st Birthday

Is a woman in your life about to celebrate her 21st birthday? That is a great time to purchase her a flask. What better gift is there to get a woman who is just turning 21? Instead of simply taking her out to a bar for her birthday, why not be more creative? Take her for a stroll around a park or natural area, flask in hand. Rumors are that a night filled with alcohol often have a higher rate of good memories.

Get Prepared for Camping Trips

If you are planning a camping trip, a flask is addition to your sleeping bag. Don’t think they are cool enough for a woman? Well, if you have a woman who will go on a camping trip she is pretty cool to begin with. But you certainly can spice it up a bit with a pink camouflage flask. Women love surprise gifts, so why not reward the woman in your life for being so adventurous by slipping a surprise flask of her favorite liquor into her camping bag so she can discover it on her own. A pink or purple camouflage flask will show your lady that you respect her ruggedness while still appreciating her femininity. Plus pink and purple camouflage flasks will be easy to coordinate with any fun pink or black outfits. Also be sure to (a) bring the bottle of alcohol along in a cooler so she can refill her new flask and (b) stay close to her since strange things do happen to intoxicated women in the woods.

Flasks For Business Women

If you know a woman who works in an environment that is busy and hectic, she may appreciate having a flask. If she is required to work late on evenings and weekends, a flask may be just the ticket for her cab ride home from work. Many professional women enjoy a cocktail or a glass of brandy together at the end of a long work week. If your wife and/or girlfriend has a demanding job then think about giving her an easy to carry flask. Of course, is she has been recently in rehab you may want to re-consider our suggestion.

Different Styles of Flasks For Women

There are many different types of flasks that are a suitable gift for a woman. Traditional flasks are just as good for women as they are for men. Basic metallic flasks are available in a variety of finishes and can be engraved however you like. Flasks are also available in different sizes, which certainly helps expand the number of gift options depending on the size of a woman’s purse.

Another great idea is to look for flasks that match her everyday accessories. For example, if she carries a black leather satchel most days, you can get a silver flask with black tooled leather embellishments to match her handbag. Or if she is a big fan of animal prints, look for a flask that has a faux snakeskin finish, tiger stripes, or another animal themed design. Just be sure to choose a design of flask that matches well with her personal sense of style so that you can be sure she will get use out of your gift. Remember, the gift is for her, not for you.

Flasks for women are available in almost as many options as men and with some creativity this very well could be the perfect gift for your future ex.