Flasks You Should Never Get for a Man

There is such a huge variety of flasks that people often have trouble choosing the right gift for a man. Since a flask is considered a “manly” gift its probably a good place to start knowing which flask not to choose for a man. Some of these choices may seem obvious, but sometimes starting with an elimination process helps.

Avoid Pink

When choosing for a man, perhaps a good place to start is getting rid of any flasks that are colored pink. Many of the flasks for women are primarily silver with a bright pink design or emblem. This is not the flask for a man. The pink just does not do what a flask for a man should do.

Avoid the Cute Expressions

There are also a large number of flasks that have cute expressions. They may say things such as “You are my Teddy Bear” or other affectionate phrases. While the thought is nice most men will focus on teasing your man rather than compliment him on your gift giving skills.

Avoid Emblems

Another part of choosing the right flask you may overlook is the emblem. While a flashy little emblem may look cool to one man and not mean anything in particular, it is important to make sure that this is not a logo for a woman’s fashion company. Women’s fashion loves to place a single emblem or logo on an article and not have the accompanying word or phrase that makes it obvious to a man. The best course of action is to consult the sales staff or ask a few other people if they recognize the logo.

Try to Stay Classic

The design itself may also be something to keep in mind. For centuries men have carried flasks and they have all had the same basic design. It is generally a rectangle that has been skewed with a curve. Anyone flask shopping knows the look and knows the design. Over the past few years, a flask design has been developed that is more suited to women’s specific tastes. The more female design is longer and more cylindrical. It is very unlike the original design and probably should’t be given blindly as a gift to a man. There are a few very different designs and some of these may be appropriate for a man, but it would be a matter of taste. However, unless a man has asked specifically for a flask as a gift, then its probably best to stay on the traditional side.

Necklace Flasks. Not Cool.

There is an entire group of flasks that are very small and are part of a necklace. As convenient and decorative as this may be, it is not a good choice for a man. The size is wrong and the necklace style is well .. it has the word necklace in it so probably not an ideal gift for a man.

At the end of the day most men are easier to please than it may seem. A simple silver flask, perhaps engraved with his name is a great choice for a man. Men like tradition and simplicity in design, and there is no reason to go beyond that to a great degree. Remember, it is the thought that counts.