Flasks are a symbol of a bygone era – slick newspaper reporters taking a break with a subtle drink, glamorous women at the nightclub and the businessmen of Mad Men. People today still use flasks to carry around a swig or three of their favored hard liquor, but more commonly these metal alcohol canteens are used as collector’s items and decoration in a curio cabinet or on shelving in a home.

Whatever your interest in flasks, you will find that there are a wide variety of flasks – from simple metal and leather ones to more creative flasks. This latter group of flasks sometimes are called “funny flasks.” That’s because they feature a humorous message on the outside of the flask surface or they are designed with some kind of humorous symbol.

Funny Flasks as a Gift

If you are looking for an original, creative gift for a friend or loved one who loves a good glass of Bourbon or other liquor, then consider purchasing a funny flask for this person. You can sanitize the flask and then fill it to the brim with your friend or loved one’s favorite liquor. Tie a ribbon around the neck, and you have a perfect gift that does not even need to be wrapped.

There are a wide variety of funny flasks available which make great gifts since they are creative, funny, and can even be sentimental through the humor they impart.

Vintage Poster Funny Flasks

Order a funny flask that features a vintage poster on the face of the flask. These posters often carry funny sayings and graphics on them, such as a retro-looking man pointing his finger at you and saying the following: “Alcohol…I only drink to make YOU more interesting!” Other vintage posters show women in retro bathing suits with the caption above that reads “Born to be Wild!” Funny flasks that have a vintage feel are humorous and are made for both men and women. Select one that carries a humorous message that fits the personality of the flask recipient.

Engravable Flasks

Customize a metal flask for your bridal party or groomsmen. This way, you can control the message and personalize it with a funny saying for each individual. Why not engrave an inside joke on the flask that only you and your friend share? You also can engrave a humorous saying or joke that you borrow from someone else. For example, consider these humorous sayings: “I didn’t text you. Vodka texted you,” “Don’t cry over spilled milk. It could have been Vodka,” or “When life gives you lemons, just add Vodka.” You can customize any of these sayings to reflect your friend’s favorite choice in liquor. Be creative with these sayings, and you’ll come away with a unique, personalized gift for a friend or loved one.

Funny Graphics

Funny flasks also feature creative, humorous graphics on the faces of the flasks. For example, you might see a bear in a suit, a group of retro men or women, a flask with a moustache, or a flask with a famous photograph that has a funny caption. In this latter example, a popular example is one of President Obama meeting with world leaders and drinking a beer. The caption reads: “Let’s get toasted!”

Novelty Flasks

There are a wide variety of novelty funny flasks that veer away from the traditional polished metal flask. These flasks make great gifts and great collector’s items. For example, if you have a friend who loves bacon, why not get him or her a bacon-wrapped funny flask? This flask is wrapped with plastic strips of bacon but functions like a real flask. For a friend who loves to knit, why not buy a funny flask that is wrapped in a hand-crocheted casing for the flask? This flask is both charming and funny because it pairs a flask with a cozy, hand-knit cover. For the friend on the wild side, why not buy a garter flask? This flask comes with a garter belt for a woman’s thigh and a small, compact flask that you can custom engrave with further funny sayings.

There are many more novelty funny flasks out there that are quite creative, including flasks that look like they are in a crumpled paper bag straight from the liquor store or flasks that look exactly like old-school, black and white composition books from your school days. If you have a sense of humor, then these funny flasks make excellent gifts and collector’s items.

The key to finding the right funny flask for your friend or loved one is to really know that person’s personality. What is funny to you may not be funny to that person. But there is a funny flask for every person’s personality. There are thousands and thousands of varieties. Start perusing funny flask websites to see some of the offerings. Visit your local flea markets to see old, vintage flasks. You can pick these flasks up and customize them—especially if they are metal—by engraving them with your personalized, humorous message.

Funny flasks come in a wide variety of prices. You can pick up flasks with humorous messages for as little as $20, or you can pay a lot more for flasks made of more expensive materials. Remember to set a budget before you begin shopping, as some funny flask will cost you a pretty penny.

If you are looking for a great novelty item that will become a conversation piece whether you are at a party, the bar, or on vacation, then purchase a funny flask. If you need an entertaining gift that will connect with your friends and loved ones who appreciate a drink every now and then, the purchase a funny flask. Even if you just like to collect funny flasks, they will keep you laughing each time you pass by your curio or collector’s shelf. Think of every funny flask like a joke of the day. They will keep you smiling even if you don’t have anything to drink!