Glitter Purple Hip Flask

Introducing the Power of Purple

Purple is a dynamic color with many meanings. In some circles, it signifies royalty. Others view it as the color of magic and mystery. Purple is a sign of fulfillment, good decisions and peace of mind. Whatever your interpretation, one thing’s for certain: This hip flask embodies all the qualities of purple and adds a splash of glittered goodness to the mix. It combines style with functionality and begs to be used in innovative and useful ways. Give yourself this gift of purple power, or surprise hip women and metro men with this fabulous flask.

Embracing the Possibilities

The glitter purple hip flask looks fun and flirty, but it also has a solid foundation of stainless steel. Naturally fire and heat resistant, the stainless steel will help keep your drinks fresh. The stainless steel structure also means this flask is built to last and can withstand multiple uses becoming part of a person’s personal bevy of nightlife survival tools.

Of course, this flask isn’t limited to parties and bars. It can also serve as a companion at sporting events and is great for any sort of travel. While made to keep its owner’s favorite liquor within arm’s reach, it is also great for storing designer ale and even non-alcoholic drinks. By day, this flask functions as the classiest water bottle on the hiking trail. When the sun sets, it transforms into a sparkling jewel in a world filled with plastic cups and watered-down beer.

Saving Green with Purple “Bling”

Speaking of shining like a purple diamond in the rough, this chic flask looks like an expensive treasure. However, it can actually save its owner some serious cash. To understand this, think about the cost of beer at music venues and large arenas. Typically, you pay the same amount for one or two beers that a six-pack would cost at the store. You can’t take the six-pack with you, but you can empty some of its contents into your handy flask.

Similarly, a flask can help you make the most of money spent on event tickets. Think of all the time wasted standing in line waiting for a drink. The glitter purple hip flask lets you enjoy the entire show in style. The convenience with which flask owners can serve themselves makes each of them an enviable inspiration.

Gifting the Goodness of the Glitter Purple Hip Flask

While a flask makes a great gift for everyone, the glitter purple hip flask is the perfect gift for anyone who professes an interest in the color purple. It works as a gift for people celebrating reaching the legal drinking age on their twenty-first birthdays. It also works for other birthdays and major occasions such as marriage, graduation and holidays. This special flask inspires creative gift-giving as well. Think about major life transitions, such as the moment when a nursing mother weans her child and can begin safely drinking alcohol again. Celebrating this moment with a beautiful flask would be an unexpected and welcome way to commemorate this milestone.

The glitter purple hip flask features a stainless steel nameplate that will help you transform it into a memorable and meaningful gift. In addition to engraving the recipient’s name or initials, consider having the plate engraved to display a date or quotation that will have special meaning to the recipient. You may also add to the aesthetic appeal of this flask by engraving a symbol or artistic design. Whatever you do, you can be sure that, in true purple fashion, its recipient will be honored by your royal gesture.