Hello Kitty Pink Hip Flask Review

Hello Kitty became a Japanese sensation during the seventies and has since gained worldwide fame.  Modeled to look like the cartoon version of a fun and stylish, bow-wearing, Japanese white bobtail kitten, Hello Kitty has developed a detailed personality and back story about being born in London, England, where she lives with her sister Minny. According to the official Hello Kitty website, this cool little kitten enjoys traveling, reading, eating cookies and making new friends. She lives by the axiom that “you can never have too many friends.”

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The Hello Kitty Flask reflects the truth of this motto. Its instant appeal will surely attract the attention of new friends who see it in action at concerts and other social events. Likewise, giving the Hello Kitty Flask as a gift is a great way to strengthen your existing friendship with someone special. The girls who grew up loving Hello Kitty now have an awesome opportunity to experience her in a “grown-up” way.

Get Acquainted

Hello Kitty has always had style. Beginning with the original change purse that first featured her smiling face, she has appeared on accessories that are functional as well as fashionable. The Hello Kitty flask is no exception; its stainless steel design makes it a durable item that will last many years and keep drinks fresh. This flask will fit perfectly into any cute Hello Kitty purse to simplify toting it to events and private gatherings, where owners of this fabulous flask would rather enjoy their own liquor and designer ales than face a limited selection or waste time and money on watered-down drinks and long lines. These delays hold up the fun, and grown-up Hello Kitty lovers are determined to have a good time. Even the “grown-up” Hello Kitty herself looks like she knows how to party.

The design featured on the flask features an updated Hello Kitty. Her cute pink bow and dress are still in place, but her usual wide-eyed gaze has been replaced by a mischievous wink. She is also flashing a peace sign. Clearly this kitty is still up to doing good, but she likes to go about it in a daring and frisky way. This Hello Kitty looks like the sort of cool cat who may whip a chic flask out of her own pocket.

Be Pretty in Pink

In addition to showcasing Hello Kitty’s bold new look, this flask is adorned with a beautiful deep pink background and a top and bottom border. The borders center on a pattern of alternating large hearts, small hearts and funky, fun squiggly lines. The flask is eye-catching and will likely draw comments of admiration and interest from people who aren’t even established Hello Kitty fans. This may be because the powerful pink color gets them hooked. Pink is a sign of compassion, energy and love. Looking at it brings people a sense of confidence and calm, which is one reason to give this flask to friends. The Hello Kitty flask will make a particularly appropriate gift for women as they claim their own personal power. Women may give the Hello Kitty flask to other women during key times of personal growth and change, such as after marriage, divorce, childbirth, leaving an unsatisfying job or launching a home-based career.  Daring men may give this fabulous flask to their sisters and mothers during similar times of transition and empowerment. Finally boyfriends and husbands will find that giving their significant other the Hello Kitty flask is a great way to remind these beautiful women that they have the power to make their lovers say “meow.”

Buy the Hello Kitty Pink Hip Flask Now!