One type of flask, which is commonly referred to as a hip flask, is used as a means to keep one warm on cold days. It provides a little taste of a distilled beverage whenever, wherever, and out of public view. Following prohibition, the State of Indiana banned all use of cocktail shakers and hip flasks. Today, carrying a hip flask is considered illegal in some states due to open container laws. These laws prohibit unsealed containers of alcohol in public, or in the passenger compartments of vehicles.

Flask Types

The most notable hip flask design has been the slim, silver hip flask. Its curved shape was designed so that a person could carry the flask on their body without it being detected. This design has remained a favorite among flask carriers due to its size and notoriety, for it can be concealed in a number of ways. Not only can it be concealed on a person’s body, but there are specially designed books that can be purchased which can conceal the flask within its pages or lack thereof.

The design of the hip flask has also come a long way. Today, flasks have been redesigned to be carried out in the open, yet still remain concealed. An array of novelty shapes and sizes are available that will both surprise and amuse your family and friends – especially when they know you have it.

Imagine, carrying binoculars around your neck to “watch” a sporting event on a cold, snowy day only to secretly twist off the eye piece for a quick drink without anyone suspecting a thing. You can also carry a cell phone on your belt and twist open the “antenna” on the phone for a discreet swig. There is even a hidden flask that can be concealed as a sandal!

The Appeal of a Hidden Flask

With the introduction of the flask came an aura of mystique and wonderment.  Today, the consumption of liquors such as scotch or whiskey are not considered socially acceptable; therefore, there is an air of rebellion associated with using a hidden flask.

Who uses a hidden flask?

A hidden flask can be used by anyone (obviously if it contains alcohol then only those of legal drinking age). There are many different varieties and sizes to choose from when selecting a hidden flask. There are also some flasks that are specifically designed for men and women that can be concealed in either jacket pocket or purse.

For those individuals with caviar tastes on a beer budget, plastic travel flasks are also available. These are sometimes referred to as Rum Runners. There is even a contraption called a Booze Belly; a type of plastic flask can be worn around the waist of an individual much like a money belt.

Hidden flasks can also be personalized or engraved to be given as wedding presents or anniversary gifts. There are also silver antique flasks that are considered collector’s items that can be purchased.

Cleaning a Flask

Cleaning a hidden flask can be tricky due to the small size of the mouthpiece. Soap is the most recommended way of cleaning the outside of the flask; however, soap is not recommended for cleaning the inside of the flask as it may leave residue behind. Instead, vinegar or lemon juice can be used. Baking soda is also another choice. If you use baking soda, it will need to be mixed with hot water prior to pouring into the flask. Another more common alternative is just good old hot water. Whichever liquid is chosen to clean the inside of a flask, make sure the flask is thoroughly rinsed. It is also recommended that the flask remain open and hung upside down to dry.

As you can see, hip flasks have been around for a long time, and will continue to be around as long as people have a nickel for a drink. Although hip flasks are not for everyone, if you are one of many people who enjoy a good, stiff nip once in a while, then a hip flask may be just the answer. Cheers!