How Much Should You Tip a Really Hot Waitress?

The most critical point in how much to tip a hot waitress rests on a single question: is your girlfriend with you? If so, the question just got way too complicated for anyone other than Dr. Phil. But assuming you’re on your own or out with the guys, here are some thoughts.

Hot or not, being a waitress is hard work. Being hot, well, that’s all about genetics and just maybe a little hard work, for some people! So if you are wondering whether to over tip someone based on genetics, go ahead. Just be sure to not under tip for the same reason, though. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

In no surprise to anyone, a Cornell University study uncovered that waitresses with big breasts or blond hair got bigger tips than their flat-chested or brunette counterparts. However, waitresses who were in their thirties were tipped better than those who were younger. Does that mean that waitresses are like wine and just get finer with age?

How much should you tip any waitress?

The amount you should tip any waitress depends on a variety of factors. How you feel about tipping will determine whether you automatically tip a certain amount or whether a tip must be earned. Of course, you may find that a really hot waitress makes you a little more generous with your opinions on tipping, and your wallet.

If you receive sit-down service, the tipping standard is 15% to 20% of the pre-tax bill. For a buffet, the suggested tip guideline is 10% of the pre-tax amount. If you are tipping a cocktail waitress, the standard tip is $1 or $2 per drink or 15% to 20% of the total amount.

These amounts are supposed to be the guidelines for passable and good service. Tipping less or more is common for poor service or outstanding service.

While those amounts are mere guidelines, they can change depending on your motivations, the message you want to send, and whether you really want to tip someone who has provided you some eye candy with your meal or drink. A very generous tip can be 100% or more of the bill. However, most waitresses will be very happy with even a 50% tip.

What do you want from the really hot waitress?

If you are wondering how much to tip a really hot waitress, you may want to ask yourself what message you want to send. If you are looking to get a little friendly or even looking for a date, an impressive tip may just get you noticed. On the other hand, it may just get you thanked. Be prepared, often exceedingly generous tipping with a motive behind it does not work out the way you had initially hoped it would.

According to etiquette expert Emily Post, it is important to always be respectful to your servers. Hot waitresses, like all waitresses, experience all types of customers, from the jerks to the suckups to the nice guys. Whether or not you decide to over tip or not, always treat your waitress like a person and try to be not so obvious about ogling her.

This may be obvious, but remember your hot waitress is not for sale or an item in an auction. Chances are she has a boyfriend or husband and maybe even some kids. A good tip is a nice way to show appreciation, but don’t overdo it.

What about the message you are sending?

A tip can send a message loud and clear. If you flash around a lot of money and leave extremely generous tips, you may be seen as a showoff or as someone desperately seeking attention. If you simply want to gift someone you find attractive with a generous tip and don’t care about how it is perceived, then go for it.

However, if you leave no tip, that will speak volumes also. By leaving no tip, the really hot waitress will get one of two impressions, either that you are incredibly cheap or that the service she provided was awful.

When you consider what tipping is all about, it makes sense to leave no tip for a really hot waitress who gives bad service. In reality, there are likely numerous guys leaving generous tips based on her looks. You might even get remembered quicker for no tip than for a good tip, because servers say they remember bad tippers; but are you willing to take the risk of being remembered that way?

Tipping a really hot waitress is no different than tipping a plain Jane waitress, unless you have deluded yourself into believing that a big tip will get you into her good graces, or more. Instead, if you are attracted to the waitress and are single, engage her in conversation and go from there.

Just remember that all waitresses work hard and deserve a little extra recognition from time to time. If you are a regular somewhere and the waitress is one that is kind and cares for her customers, reward her service and not her looks. A really excellent waitress is a much better choice for a generous tip than a really hot waitress.

Bon appétit and happy tipping!