How Popular are Virgin Drinks?

Virgin drinks, or mocktails, are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, there are even mainstream drink mix companies who are selling their own instant versions of popular mocktails like margaritas, cosmopolitans and green apple martinis. While alcoholic drinks are still a preferred choice for many people, virgin drinks are very popular too, for a variety of reasons.

Virgin drinks are popular with a variety of people. There are lots of people who want to avoid alcohol entirely or reduce the amount that they drink for a variety of reasons. Pregnant women, anyone who is underage, people who react poorly to alcohol, those who have religious or moral objections to drinking, and those who simply prefer not to drink alcohol all tend to gravitate towards virgin drinks. However, they are not the only people who can benefit from enjoying a virgin drink.

If you drink alcohol, an easy way to moderate your intake is to alternate mocktails with alcoholic beverages. In fact, you can switch entirely to virgin drinks after a certain point in order to avoid drinking too much. By doing so, you still look like you are partying like everyone else and you get to enjoy a yummy refreshing drink. However, you will avoid the big headache the day after, as well as other downsides to drinking too much.

Another fact that is often forgotten is that alcohol contains calories. For anyone following a low-calorie diet, virgin drinks are a great way to save on calories. By focusing on choosing low-calorie virgin drinks, like those made from sugar-free mixes or those that are low-fat and low-sugar, you can limit your calorie intake even more when you are socializing.

Apart from helping keep your drinking under control and your calorie count down, virgin drinks can also help to camouflage the fact that you are not drinking alcohol. Those who struggle with alcoholic tendencies are great candidates for virgin drinks. They can appear to be enjoying the same thing as everyone else, but they will be able to effectively and easily stay away from alcohol.

Considering the many complications associated with alcohol use, it makes sense to avoid it or limit it whenever possible. Opting for virgin drinks lets people drive home without worry, avoid embarrassing behavior. and not have to suffer the effects of overindulging.

What are some Popular Virgin Drinks?

While some virgin drinks just don’t cut it without the alcohol, there are some others that are simply fantastic. Among the most popular virgin drinks are classics like Shirley Temples, Sangrita, frozen strawberry Margaritas and various punches. However, there are many drinks you can make non-alcoholic if you choose, such as eggnog, daiquiris and piña coladas.

If you are looking for a good virgin drink to try or serve, a simple online search can uncover an endless variety. Pretty much any cocktail can be turned into a virgin drink. It is a great way to make sure all of your guests feel included in the festive atmosphere of any get-together. For gatherings where the guest of honor cannot drink, like a baby shower or a child’s birthday, virgin drinks can be the star of the show.

As important as the drink itself, having the right glassware and the right garnish will make all the difference when it comes to properly enjoying any popular virgin drinks. Be sure to opt for stemware that provides exactly the look that is needed to serve your virgin drink of choice. Often, it is as much about the experience and the atmosphere, as it is about the drink itself.

Are Non-Alcoholic Drinks Easy to Find?

According to, as many as 40% of adults cannot drink alcohol. While there are many different reasons for this, it makes sense for those who cannot drink to gravitate towards virgin drinks. It makes what they are not drinking much less conspicuous.

Many restaurants and bars have realized that they were not catering to this part of the population and are now offering a much wider variety of non-alcoholic drinks than ever before. Apart from virgin drinks, many establishments now offer specialty coffees, flavored teas and fruit-infused lemonades that look just like a cocktail.

Because the selection is getting better, it is becoming very easy to get non-alcoholic drinks when you are out on the town. With a virgin drink that looks like a cocktail in your hand, you can blend in seamlessly, which has increased the demand of such beverage choices. When non-alcoholic options are on the menu or are suggested to customers, more and more people choose them.

Even those who simply want something different from their regular cocktail on occasion are choosing virgin drinks. Since non-alcoholic drinks are available in more and more places, they are growing in popularity. You can indulge without the guilt, so enjoy!