How to Buy a Drink for Someone Else

In the world of the bar scene, ordering a drink for someone else speaks volumes. It is an invitation, a come-on, and a bit of flirting all rolled into one. It is also a way to ensure that the particular someone has more alcohol in their system, thus being more open to your advances. There are many ways to order a drink for someone else. Choose the method that best fits your personality and favorite… uh, approach.

The Pick-Up Line and a Drink

Nothing makes a woman swoon like a guy who wants to buy her a drink and compliment her with the use of a pick-up line. A line shows forethought and care. It shows that, like a Boy Scout, you came prepared. Choose a few really good lines and commit them to memory. Write them on your hand if you need help remembering them – it’s a totally smooth move.

The key here is to combine the offer of a drink in the actual pick-up line. Many women will agree to the drink for a free cocktail, but it also offers tacit agreement to the meaning behind the pick-up line. You will then have license to shadow her every move in the bar after that.

Try something like, “Can I get you a drink to put you out, ‘cause you are smokin’!” You are achieving many things with this excellent and not cheesy-at-all pick-up line. You are complimenting said woman, offering her a drink, and giving her every reason to accept.

If she declines your offer, it is as if she is claiming that she is, in fact, not smokin’ hot. Most women won’t ever admit this. That gets you your foot in the door, before it slams shut in your face.

(On a sidenote, if this pickup line does ever work send us a note)

The Stalker

If you don’t have the guts to use the pick-up line, then you can try the stealth approach. It is a little stalker-creepy, so play it cool unless creepy is what you are going for. The stealth approach will require the compliance of a waiter or bartender to take a drink to the woman without revealing the source. A bigger tip will help.

Start by sending a drink that is similar to the one she currently had or still has. Add a comment for the waiter to tell her, such as, “this is from someone who thinks your eyes are as beautiful as the heavens.” Continue to send drinks with new messages. You can even let the drinks do some talking themselves, such as sending a Sex on the Beach, a Slippery Nipple, or even a Fuzzy Navel if you are into weird stuff.

Eventually, reveal yourself to your lady-love. She will either be so impressed or so tipsy that you won’t come off creepy at all!

The Impresser

If you have the gumption to talk to a woman from the get-go, but not enough to use the ultra-suave pick-up line, try impressing the lady with the expensive drink you order. It is a fact that some woman are attracted to a man merely for his bank account, but it’s not as if should be looking for your soul mate in a bar anyways.

Offering to order an expensive, hip drink shows that you have money in the bank (even if you don’t) and that you are willing to spend it. Offer a shot of Patrón or some other high-end liquor to show that you enjoy the finer things in life. If she accepts, commence talking about your Corvette in the shop, your Malibu beach house undergoing renovations, and the rise in your precious metals stock holdings.

Ordering a Drink for a Man

Most times, a man ordering a drink for a woman is the start of a courtship of sorts. It may be a courtship that smells like beer, cheap perfume, and cigarette smoke, but it’s a courtship all the same. However, there may be times when a woman wants to buy a drink for a man in an effort to let him know what’s up. In such an instance, it is important to know that to a man, an offer to buy a drink is akin to saying “my place or yours?”

Unless the man and woman are merely friends on a platonic level, a man will take it in a sexual way every time. That is what he means when he offers a drink to a woman, after all.

If the woman wants to send such a message to a male in the room, it is a bold move. Many men are impressed and intrigued with such boldness in a woman, so the girl should go with it. Don’t offer the drink, tell him it is happening.

Instead of “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” walk up to the man, touch his arm or shoulder, look boldly into his eyes and say, “I’m buying you a drink!” Such an approach offers no room for a refusal, which many women fear. Adding words like, “cowboy” or “sailor” to the end of the exclamation further compliments the man’s comparison to a totally masculine profession. Few things are this easy!