How to Drink Alcohol and Stay in the Sun

Man Drinking in the SunWhile it’s possible to enjoy the patio, beach, or ballpark without an alcoholic drink, spending time in the sun is just not the same if you don’t have a tasty, ice cold beverage in your hand. Not only does a chilled beer or delicious cocktail help you relax, but it also helps cool you off when it’s blazing hot outside. Plus, if you don’t have booze around, how are you supposed to attract gorgeous and friendly people to your party, just like in the TV commercials?

Although there’s no disputing that having a few beers while you’re playing ball outside is awesome, or downing a beautiful margarita at the beach is great, the sad reality is that you need to be careful. If you go overboard on the drinking while you play in the hot sun, your big day could quickly end in a drunken mess or worse.

But does that mean you should just get rid of that beer cooler you just bought? Or throw out all of those cocktail umbrella stir sticks you picked up last summer? Is there no way to drink alcohol and stay in the sun? Oh never fear, there’s a way.

Play Safe

One of the important ground rules to set when it comes to drinking alcohol in the sun is to make sure you don’t do anything too crazy while you’re having a few beverages. Just because you’re on “holiday” or trying to “blow off some steam” doesn’t mean the drinking rules you follow back at home don’t apply.

For example, if you’ve been tapped to drive the boat around the lake for you and your pals, then you shouldn’t be drinking. Or, if you’re about to go waterskiing, then having a few drinks beforehand is a bad idea. Since you’re still in the real world, it’s important to remember that booze reduces your coordination and hinders your reflexes. So, if you don’t want to end up hurting yourself or others, don’t drink until you’re done with the day’s activities.

The same logic applies to any sporting events you might be playing outside. If you and your family are just playing a nice, easygoing game of pickup football, then it’s probably okay to have a beer or two. If you and your pals have entered into a really competitive ball hockey tournament, however, then you’re going to need to be at your physical best.

Drink a Lot of Water

While it’s important to be careful anytime you drink and exercise―since booze is far from a performance-enhancing substance―it’s even more important when you’re also in the sun. If you’ve ever been brutally hung over in your life, or even just slightly, you know that there’s not enough water on the planet to drink after you’ve had too much alcohol. The reason you’re gasping for water the day after a big night out is because your body has to work double overtime to process all that booze.

So, if you’re in the hot sun and sweating a ton, then adding alcohol into the mix is going to dehydrate your body even faster. If you’re playing a fierce game of volleyball and only taking a break to gulp from your beer, then it won’t be long before your body is crying out for water. If you drink too much booze and not enough water, then you’re just setting yourself up for physical disaster.

In order to prolong your day outdoors, and enjoy it without passing out and receiving the worst sunburn of all time, drink as much water as possible. Don’t wait until you’re ridiculously thirsty or after you’ve had a few beers; drink it throughout the day. You and your friends will be very glad you did.

Eat Something

Although a lot of people aren’t overly hungry on a scalding hot day, and it’s easy to forget about food when you’re playing ultimate Frisbee with the gang, it doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need food. This is especially true if you’re also drinking alcohol.

Having food in your stomach helps your body deal with alcohol by slowing down how much is getting into your bloodstream. This is why people get tipsy or lightheaded after just one or two drinks before dinner. Or why wolfing down chicken wings when you’re slightly hammered usually makes you feel better.

If you have a good-sized meal before you head out, and pack some snacks you can have later on, your day will be memorable for the right reasons rather than the wrong ones. The more food and water you have, the less problems your body will have dealing with the alcohol you’re putting in it.

Choose Your Booze Wisely

If you want to drink alcohol and stay in the sun, then don’t guzzle cocktails with several ounces of liquor, or beer that‘s high in alcohol. Knocking back shots of whiskey or vodka in between every drink is also a bad idea, unless you’re hoping to end the festivities as quickly as possible.

The more alcohol that’s in your system, the tougher time your body is going to have trying to keep you functioning normally; particularly if you’re already sweating bullets and getting dehydrated. If you can, try to drink light beer with less alcohol or cocktails that also have lots of water or juice.