Is Bigger Better?

There is an age-old question that asks if bigger is indeed better. It is one that has been pondered by philosophers and the common man alike. Groups of women giggle about it behind their hands and men are nervous to know the true answer. Of course, we are talking about flasks here – what were you thinking?

Flasks come in all different sizes, and it is hard to know if a large flask is always better than one of a lesser size. There are so many instances where a smaller flask is just a better fit. At times, a larger flask can be unwieldy or can just plain get in the way. Examine the following scenarios to discover instances when a smaller flask will be pleasing to all.

Are you ever in Intimate Settings?

One of the main functions of a flask is to keep your cache of spirits hidden. Otherwise, you would just carry a bottle or mixed drink wherever you go, right? However, there are times when drinking is frowned upon, so it is important to be able to keep your flask concealed.

Keeping your flask under wraps is so much easier with a smaller flask. A three- or four-ounce flask can hold about two shots worth of alcohol, so it should be enough if your drinking is a solo affair.

Grocery shopping, board meetings, and long church sermons are all instances where a small flask will serve you best. A three-ounce flask might even be able to make it on an airplane in your carry-on baggage, as long as it is wrapped in a clear zip-up baggie. Then you won’t have to spend $12 for a little airline bottle of booze, which is really just a wanna-be flask anyway!

Keep in mind that a small flask will make it harder to share, so you may need to conceal your flask from those who would want you to share as well as those who would judge you or fire you. Co-workers and friends can make a small flask seem even smaller. While refusing to share your flask does break standard flask etiquette, sometimes you have to look out for #1.

Do you ever enjoy Ladies’ Night?

A dainty flask also has more applications for the ladies. This has nothing to do with a woman’s disinclination to drink—it’s not men dancing on the tables and the bar after a round of whiskey shooters. It has to do with all of the specialized hiding places that are just a few of the perks of belonging to the female gender.

All of those lacy unmentionables made just for women make great stowing spots for flasks. Brassieres, panties, and garter belts are the sexiest places to stow a flask, and a smaller-sized flask is more attuned to such spaces. Certainly, men can keep their flasks in their garter belt…oh, let’s not even go there.

Most women would not want a large flask to add bulk to their figures, especially since it would be a lopsided addition. A trim flask will tuck into lacy underthings with ease.

Do you enjoy a Threesome?

Once you start increasing the amount of people you spend your nights with, the size of your flask should also increase. If your party includes three or more people, then a six- to eight-ounce flask will likely be required. A standard shot is around 1.25 ounces, so a six-ounce flask holds about four or five shots.

Good flask manners dictate that you share a flask with your close friends, so a flask that holds at least three shots will be necessary. You may be out dancing, out to dinner, or catching a movie with your best buds, and you don’t want your flask to run out before everyone gets some.

It would certainly be bad form to refuse to share your flask with your more intimate friends. Make sure that the size of your flask will accommodate everyone in your standard group.

Do you find yourself in Large Groups?

Obviously, a large crowd will make the need for a large flask pretty evident. If you often find yourself in the company of a large group of people, then you may need to pack a large flask.

Camping trips, fishing expeditions, and morning commutes on public transportation will all be improved by a flask that is big enough to go around. Buy a model that include collapsible cups if you are unsure of the hygiene of some of your fellow travelers; or demand that they bring their own. A flask should bring everyone together, not spread the flu.

There are even 64-ounce flasks that will easily carry two bottles of wine, liqueur, or spirits with ease. Regardless of the size of your flask, you are sure to be the hit of the party.

So is bigger better .. It all depends on the situation and your preferences .. just like with the other thing.