Jack Daniels 18 Ounce Leather Flask Review

A Jack Daniels kind of man has a swagger in his step. He can always find his way out of a difficult situation because he tends to take everything easy. He is grateful for simple pleasures because he’s had to overcome a lot of challenges. His senses are awake and alive to all of his experiences; at the same time, he’s tough and can power through virtually anything by sheer grit alone. A Jack Daniels kind of man is part proud patriot and part outlaw, part gentleman and part rascal. He may or may not choose to drink Jack Daniels, but he definitely appreciates the philosophy behind its creation and the slow, steady process through which each drop of the famous Tennessee whiskey passes through 10 feet of charcoal and then ages to perfection in oak wood barrels. A Jack Daniels kind of man also appreciates the classic antique look that is the hallmark of Jack Daniels style. For this reason, a Jack Daniels flask is the perfect gift for every Jack Daniels kind of man, as well as for everyone who aspires to become one.

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What Makes the Jack Daniels Flask Authentically “Jack Daniels”?

To start, the flask bears the official Jack Daniels logo. The classic Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Old No. 7 logo is stamped into the smooth black leather casing wrapped around the sleek stainless steel flask. The black-on-silver look is instantly sophisticated and understated, just like a Jack Daniels kind of man should be. The flask also works well, holding its own when exposed to high temperatures and frequent use. The Jack Daniels slogan is “Live free. Drink responsibly”. This certainly applies to the flask as well. After all, the flask grants users a certain level of freedom by allowing responsible drinkers to take up to 18 ounces of their favorite beverages wherever they go. This freedom commands more responsibility, both for staying out of trouble and for choosing the kind of drinks worthy of such a fine vessel. Owners of this fine flask will also be called to step up and spread the word about how flasks aren’t just a thing of the past, but rather a useful innovation with staying power.

What about the Jack Daniels Kind of Woman?

The sort of women who are tough enough to hang with Jack Daniels kind of men, are most likely Jack Daniels kind of women. They also value freedom as well as responsibility and are capable of overcoming obstacles on their own. They may look tough, but it’s probably their dedication to work and life that have given them the most edge. Look to a woman’s eyes for wisdom and experience, and you can tell whether she will carry a Jack Daniels flask with pride.

What is the Best Way to Share the Gift of a Jack Daniels Flask?

A Jack Daniels flask makes an excellent gift at all the major holidays, as well as at birthdays, weddings and graduations. However, remember that, by giving someone a Jack Daniels flask, you are affirming that they have the unique and admirable blend of qualities that make them Jack Daniels kind of people. Offer these people the Jack Daniels flask at moments when they may need a reminder that they are free and can pull through anything as long as they honor their roots and move forward in the spirit of good drinks and good fun. Start by offering them a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey; then, pour the whiskey into the flask for a toast to good things to come.

Buy the Jack Daniel’s 18-Ounce Leather-Covered Flask Now!