Jack Daniels Flask Reviews

Who doesn’t like a Jack and Coke? Simple, refreshing, and naturally flavorful – because Jack Daniels does whiskey right. If you are truly a Jack Daniels enthusiast (or someone with a slight drinking problem), you may want to consider some of the collectible apparel and merchandise that Jack Daniels has to offer. Drinking problems or not, a flask can be a truly unique and cool gift, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

The Case Gift Set

A fairly cool option that Jack Daniels offers is the Case Gift Set, which includes a hip flask with leather inset, a true Jack Daniels carrying set, a pretty awesome-looking shot glass with engraving and finally, the coolest flask funnel you could probably find. Nothing like buying a loved one a complete, alcoholics-on-the-go flask gift set for Christmas.

If the Case Gift Set is not doing it for you, the packaging could be the convincing factor. It is pre-packaged in a sleek black box set, ready to be wrapped and gifted. Jack Daniels makes the gift of a flask and whiskey memorable and easy. You barely have to do any work, and the gift set would make any Jack Daniels collector pretty darn happy.

The Barrel Flask

Now, this particular item is sleek, stylish, and flat-out awesome all rolled into one pretty sick-looking, barrel-shaped flask. It has a satin finish, which gives the flask a really nice sheen, but really, what kind of person owns a flask and worries about satin finish?

The true draw to this flask is the Jack Daniels barrel shape, complete with the famous JD logo and cartouche. The detail and handiwork make this flask a must-have for all Jack Daniels enthusiasts. It holds up to six ounces of liquid, making it a traditionally sized flask and awesome in all respects. The Barrel flask would make a perfect holiday gift for your loved one. Just make sure they don’t faint from the overpowering awesomeness of this gift. It’s that cool.

The Black Cover Flask with Pewter Badge

Not every flask owner is just an on-the-go drinker. In fact, some do care about style, fashion and looking just plain amazing. For the more fashion-sensible folks, Jack Daniels offers a slick-looking flask, complete with a meticulously decorated badge featuring the famous logo. The double cap also serves as a drinking glass, for when need a decent swig but are too lazy to open the darn thing. It happens.

The stainless steel flask is covered with a black leather carrier, which is complete with a loop to snap onto your belt. Easy access is important for anyone willing to don a flask. Right? It also holds the typical six ounces of fluid. Again, all jokes aside, any Jack Daniels collector would be proud to own this flask.

Stainless Steel Leather Cover Flask

Although a bit smaller, holding only four ounces of liquid, the Stainless Steel Leather Cover flask is sharp, sleek, and just as awesome as its brothers. The oil-tanned leather gives the flask a rustic feel, for those of you who like to drink whiskey and feel like a cowboy. The leather cover has the traditional Jack Daniels logo, as well as the Old No. 7 Brand symbol. The stitching on the top and bottom of the leather cover adds a nice touch to this already stylish flask.

Stainless Hip Flask

If you are looking for something with a little less flair, the Jack Daniels Stainless Hip flask is perfect. Without all of the frills, leather, and fancy caps of the other flasks, this stainless steel flask is sharp, holds a traditional seven ounces of whiskey, and can easily fit in any hip pocket. If you have a loved one who just wants a good old-fashioned flask to sip some of the finest whiskey from, this is a great buy.

At only a little over five inches in height, the flask is easy to travel with and doesn’t draw too much attention. This could be the perfect holiday purchase for either a loved one or yourself. Whether you want a flask that will make your friends want to become alcoholics or you simply want a piece of Jack Daniels memorabilia, there is a flask for everyone.

If you happen to be looking for more Jack Daniels merchandise, check out the Jack Daniels website. They carry everything from office supplies to apparel. You’re already buying a flask, so why not go that extra mile and pick up a t-shirt too?

Now that you have that stylish Jack Daniels flask, you probably have no shame left. In fact, just looking to purchase your very own Jack Daniels flask means you probably don’t care what people think of you. So go for it!