James Bond’s Top 5 Drinks

There’s no doubt that James Bond has definite sex appeal. No matter which actor plays the agent known as 007, he certainly has that special pull with the ladies. If you want to exude the same sex appeal as James Bond, there are a few key areas that you will need to work on.

Certain items make 007 the man he is: the nice tuxedos, the high-tech gadgets, and the fast car. Once you get an Armani tux, a 1965 Aston Martin, and a cool gadget – like a gun that shoots out of your hat or shoe – then you are set to find your own Honey Rider or Pussy Galore.

However, if all you can gather is your smart phone and your used Prius, don’t worry too much; you can still focus on drinking like 007. Follow 007’s lead and drink like one cool character.

Shaken, Not Stirred, of Course

If you want to drink like James Bond, the first drink of choice must be a dry martini. The dry martini is the famous cocktail that 007 prefers “shaken, not stirred.” The International Bartender’s Association (IBA) maintains that a dry martini is made with two fluid ounces of gin, a splash of dry vermouth, and ice. The IBA’s directions advise stirring the ingredients, but the top spy in the world prefers the ingredients to be shaken.

If you wish to be an international man of mystery, then you, too, should demand that your martinis be “shaken, not stirred.” Just to be on the safe side, you should probably request that all of your beverages be shaken prior to drinking. No word on whether 007 garnishes his dry martini with a twist of lemon peel or an olive, so choose as you like.

Something for the Races

A mint julep is another drink enjoyed by 007: Sean Connery whets his whistle with one in “Goldfinger” while in Kentucky. A mint julep is the drink to enjoy at a horse race, and never has there been a manlier drink. From the tall glass the cocktail is served in, to the sprigs of mint for garnish, to the large amount of sugar in the drink, every woman in the room will know just what kind of man you are.

The IBA makes a mint julep with two fluid ounces of bourbon whiskey, fresh mint, two teaspoons of water, and a teaspoon of powdered sugar. The concoction is combined in a highball glass with a lot of ice. Some mint julep lovers use special stainless steel julep cups for the drink. Carry such a dandy around the bar and the women will swoon!

Some Mojo from a Mojito

A newer Bond – Pierce Brosnan – introduced another very manly drink into the 007 drink lexicon. In “Die Another Day,” 007 enjoys a mojito in Cuba. Perhaps it is a mint thing with Mr. Bond.

The IBA advises that a mojito be made with 11/2 fl. oz. of white Cuban rum, 1 fl. oz. of lime juice, a bunch of fresh mint, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and soda water. Nothing says international spy like mint and sugar, right?

A Bit of Bubbly

James Bond also enjoys a bit of the bubbly. According to “Bon Appetit” magazine, Bollinger champagne is present in 10 out of 23 Bond films. The champagne is so associated with the 007 movies that Bollinger is releasing a special 2002 Brut in November 2012, to commemorate the 50th year of the movie legend. The case is in the shape of a Walther PPK silencer and includes a combination lock that must be coded to 007 to open.

If you desire the sexual magnetism of James Bond, then grab yourself an elegant champagne flute and a bottle of Bollinger, and learn how to pop the cork so it incapacitates your enemies. Perhaps practice with a cheaper bottle of champagne before moving up to Bollinger.

…and a Beer

The newest James Movie, “Skyfall,” created a lot of buzz. The hype was not just all about the pecs of the current Bond actor, the beauty of the new Bond girls, or a twist in the plot line. A lot of the headlines revolved around a multi-million dollar deal with Heineken to place a green bottle in the hands of 007 rather than a martini.

According to YourMovies.com, Heineken and other beers have appeared in Bond films before, but never with a full-on ad placement. So, no doubt, a beer is just as suave and smooth as a martini now.

However, fan reaction was not favorable to the change; many felt that it was nothing short of a sell-out for the 007 franchise. If you order a Heineken to maintain your James Bond street cred, you just might find that your beer has been “shaken, not stirred” so that it explodes all over you upon opening. Perhaps that could be your 007 secret gadget.