Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Best Ways to Drink

How hard can it be to drink a bottle of scotch? You pour it, you drink it – it’s all good. Of course, there’s scotch and then there’s “SCOTCH”, so sometimes you need to put at least a little thought into how and where to drink an exceptional brand.

There sometimes comes a point in life when it doesn’t seem so unreasonable to spend an amount of money roughly equivalent to a car payment on a bottle of scotch. If you’re at that point in your life, it’s time to introduce you to Johnnie Walker Blue Label. You may not remember him in the morning, but let’s make the introduction anyway.

About Johnnie Walker Blue

Johnnie is a blended scotch, meaning he’s a mutt, like many other Americans. If you’re a single malt snob, put down the bottle and slowly back away. Then move to Norway or something – Johnnie doesn’t need you and neither do the rest of us. Okay, just kidding, you can come back, but still keep your hands off the bottle – this scotch is for people who are more tolerant of diversity.

Johnnie is not a cheap date, especially for a blended scotch. He comes from a large and famous family, with brothers like “Black,” “Gold,” and “Red,” but he is considered to be the most aristocratic of the family.

The blue label comes from Royal Lochnagar, which is a rare malt. The malt is apparently distilled near the Queen’s holiday home in Balmoral. This malt is blended with 15 other top quality whiskies to create a balanced flavor.

The Taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Okay, here’s where a “scotch snob” would tell you that Johnnie Walker Blue is smooth, with a subtle smoky aroma and an enjoyable fruity sweetness. This is all technically correct. It would also be technically correct to say that the drink does not feature the turpentine burn that makes you fear for your tonsils when you down a glass of cheap scotch, and the bittersweet aftertaste will actually linger in a good way long after you’ve finished the drink.

If you’re looking to find a problem with the taste, you’ll find it, especially if you’re used to single malt scotches. The blend of flavors in this scotch means that you will probably eventually taste one you don’t like, especially if you have a thing against grain spirits. Your best bet to truly enjoy the drink is to shut up and drink it. Don’t overanalyze it, just drink.

How to Drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The advice to “shut up and drink it” should probably be a printed instruction on the label. To properly enjoy this scotch, forget the water, forget the ice, don’t refrigerate it, and don’t mix it with anything. Pour two fingers into a nice whisky glance and just drink it neat.

There are those who would say that all scotch should be consumed neat, but whether you believe that or not, it’s especially important with a blend of this kind. Blends have a variety of flavors that you can experience, and those flavors can get masked or confused when you mix the scotch with anything, even water.

Another key factor in drinking Johnnie Walker Blue is choosing the occasion. As a more sophisticated and expensive scotch, you probably don’t want to just break out a bottle when you’re sitting on the porch watching mosquitoes suck the alcohol from your veins. Or maybe you do. But most people like to save this pricey scotch for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday.

The Advantages of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The first major advantage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that it’s simply a good-tasting scotch. Of course, taste is a personal thing, and some of you may well prefer to drink your scotch out of a brown bottle with a white label and three X’s on it. But most people would agree that the intriguing mix of flavors in Johnnie Walker Blue Label make it a pleasure to drink.

Another advantage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that it is a prestigious drink, and simply having it around sometimes makes a statement to your guests. Johnnie Walker Blue is generally perceived to be top shelf, the best of the best, and if that matters to you or your friends, cheers! For that reason, it also makes a wonderful gift – who doesn’t like to receive an expensive and prestigious gift?

On the subject of prestige, there is something to be said for having a classic brand. Johnnie Walker, whether blue, black, red, or gold, is one of the more popular brands of scotch available and it has a certain authenticity to it. Nobody will ever consider you to be a “poser” with a glass of Johnnie Walker in your hand.

To some people, scotch is scotch, and they can toss it back anywhere in any way. For those who appreciate some of the finer points of drinking good scotch, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a great scotch to drink neat for special occasions.