Liquid Courage Flask Review

There are many flask choices out there to enhance your drinking pleasure no matter where life may take you. You can certainly buy a blank flask, but that seems so noncommittal and boring that maybe you should just stick to drinking milk out of the carton.

However, if you are truly ready for adventure, the Liquid Courage flask will help you every step of the way. Such a flask can be your closest companion as you freefall for 15,000 feet while skydiving, while you run with the bulls in Spain, or while you stare down the aisle on your way to being married.

A Liquid Courage Flask announces your desire to try new and exciting things, to take risks and have the ultimate good time. After all, what can’t you do if you have liquid courage on your side?

Stainless Steel Flask

The stainless steel Liquid Courage flask by Maxam holds eight ounces of your favorite spirits. The words “Liquid Courage” are emblazoned on the front of the flask in bright red letters outlined in black. It also features a screw-on metal cap with a safety catch so that you will never lose a drop of your liquid courage to a flimsy or lost cap.

It measures 5 3/4 inches high by 3 3/4 inches long, so your Liquid Courage flask can easily fit in a back pocket, purse, chest pocket, or travel bag to go with you everywhere. Holding eight ounces of liquid, this Liquid Courage flask holds a little more than five shots of your favorite hard liquor, spirits, or liqueur, based on the U.S. standard of one shot containing 1 1/2 ounces of liquid; other countries use more or less liquid in a shot.

Leather-Covered Flask

If you are looking for a Liquid Courage Flask with a bit more design, then try the leather-clad Liquid Courage flask by Hip To Own (H2O). This stainless steel flask is clad in rawhide brown leather like something out of the Wild West.

A leather patch sewn to the front at an angle features the silhouette of a man built like a weightlifter flexing his “guns.” The words “Liquid Courage” are also emblazoned on the patch. The details on the patch are embossed in the leather, giving the flask a rugged, authentic look.

Find the courage of the cowboy and gunslinger with this Liquid Courage flask. If your tastes tend to be more like those of Clint Eastwood characters, then this is the flask for you. It also makes a great “bro” gift for those guys in your life who are hard to buy for. Holding six ounces of alcohol, this Liquid Courage flask will offer about four shots. That’s enough for a lone cowboy around the fire or for a few friends to share.

Filling Your Flask

Filling your Liquid Courage flask is not always the easiest task to do. That cap opening is mighty small for pouring alcohol into, especially if you are hung over. Since you can’t bring your liquid courage with you until you fill up your flask, it is a task you will have to tackle right off. This is one instance when you should take a drink of liquid courage only after the task is completed!

First, you should buy a flask funnel to make the process as easy as can be. They are very reasonably priced for the amount of trouble they save you. No one wants to see their alcohol spilled on the floor, though many are not above remedying the situation by slurping the spilled spirits right off the floor. No one wants to commit alcohol abuse, right?

Once you have your flask funnel, you should fill your flask over the sink or on a countertop; at the bare minimum, the operation should occur in the kitchen. Drinking spilled alcohol off of shag carpet is not desirable, so stick to the tile and linoleum in the kitchen. Really, the best course of action is to set your flask into a bowl so that you catch any overspill.

Insert the flask funnel in the flask. Slowly pour your desired alcohol into the funnel. Remember that air needs to escape the flask so the liquid can go in; don’t be overwhelmed or scared off by the science of the process. Just pour slowly!

Instances When You Need Liquid Courage

You might wonder how often you will really need liquid courage. If you sit down and examine the possibilities, then you are sure to find that there are innumerable instances when liquid courage can be the difference between life and death, success and failure. The opportunity for adventure and danger is always right around the corner!

For one, you will likely need some liquid courage to help deliver your future children. Yes, that read “to deliver,” not “watch as the doctor delivers your children.”

If movies and television have taught us anything, you should know by now that most pregnant women do not make it to the hospital to give birth. They invariably go into labor at some inopportune time, such as during a blizzard, in a car stuck in a traffic jam, or while stranded by the side of the road. The only option is for the father to deliver the baby.

If your wife is pregnant right now, you had better buy this flask and choose express delivery, because you are going to need it! Ladies, if you are anywhere near delivery, you must get this flask for your man so that he doesn’t fall apart at the sound of your breaking water hitting the floor.

A swig or two from the Liquid Courage flask will allow everyone to stay calm and collected at the prospect of a baby on the way right now. Hey, the contents might also be used to sterilize any equipment if you can’t boil water but we are certainly not medical professionals so probably not the best idea to try this.

Just like the delivering-a-baby-on-the-side-of-the-road scenario, there are many other similar instances that call for a shot or two of liquid courage to help give you the nerve to get the job done. Such instances include running into a burning building to save really cute puppies, safely landing a plane full of passengers after the pilot goes into a mysterious coma, discovering that you are the only one who can save a nuclear warhead on an aircraft carrier from terrorists, and single-handedly detonating a bomb on an asteroid to save the earth from destruction.

Your Liquid Courage flask will help you through any of the above scenarios and more. Never be worried that life is passing you by because you are too scared to step up when the opportunity for adventure knocks. If you want a bland life, buy a bland flask; if that is an unacceptable option, then a Liquid Courage flask is for you!