Maxam Flask Reviews

It’s not clear exactly when mankind decided that it would be good to be able to transport a sealed container of their favorite beverage from one place to the next, but it’s a good thing they did. It’s even better that somebody decided that it would be even cooler to be able to transport said beverage in a stylish container that doesn’t make you look like a wino or a Roman water bearer. This container is, of course, the flask; a container currently produced very well by Maxam.

About Maxam Flasks

A flask is a pretty basic piece of equipment, if you think about it. It’s a container, usually metal, wide and thin, with a narrow opening on top. That opening is usually sealed with a simple screw-on cap. Still, for so simple a device, it often calls up strong feelings from those who use one.

There is an elegance to drinking from a flask, something that makes you feel like an aristocrat, or at least a film noir detective, and that is not lost on Maxam. Their flasks have that elegance, that defiant quality that just says, “Not now, I’m drinking.” The flasks with the faux leather look especially sharp, and some of them are even studded to give that extra bit of eye-catching appeal. Even the non-wrapped flasks usually have a sleek, polished finish that makes them as much a decorative accessory as a functional one.

Maxam Flask Varieties

Maxam makes quite a variety of flasks, from the little four-ounce “Please God, get me through this trip to the in-law’s house” model to the 64-ounce model that better be used for fruit juice because that much alcohol should only be consumed by the Olympic drinking team during the semi-finals in Tijuana.

They make faux leather-wrapped flasks so your drink doesn’t “jingle, jangle, jingle” against your car keys when you walk and won’t slip out of your hand when you lift it for a toast to the good health of the person you don’t want to accidentally throw it at. They have flasks with your favorite color or flag on them so you can show your good taste while enjoying your good-tasting beverage.

Maxam Flask Functionality

Maxam’s flasks seem to be made with real-world functionality in mind. From the models that are obviously sized to fit perfectly in a pocket to the ones that come with useful accessories like cups, Maxam flasks appear to be designed by someone who knows how they’ll be used.

Maxam even makes a flask disguised as binoculars–great for sporting events, not that they would ever condone sneaking alcohol into a stadium of course; tsk, tsk. There is a flask disguised as a belt buckle for reasons it’s best not to even venture a theory on at this point, and a flask disguised as a gun. Okay, we have never actually been to a place that allows guns and doesn’t allow flasks, but hey, maybe you travel in different circles than I do. Who are we to judge?

Maxam Flask Durability

Of course, when one thinks about a flask they’re not usually picturing an elegant, decorative one. They are usually picturing the traditional hip flask. You know the one—it’s somewhere between four and eight ounces, it’s got a slight curve to it, and it’s got a stainless steel shine. It’s the type of flask that saves the sergeant’s life in the World War II movie, stopping the bullet that would have surely pierced his heart. Yes, Maxam makes that flask, too–several of them, in fact.

The best part about Maxam flasks is that they work. They hold hot and cold beverages perfectly, with no leakage. The smaller models fit easily into a back pocket and they are all very easy to wash. From the minute you pick them up, you can feel how sturdy these stainless steel flasks are. They are so sturdy, in fact, that they come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Maxam Flask Models

The Maxam eight-ounce SS flask with black wrap is a particularly elegant-looking flask that holds eight ounces of liquid in its compact 3 5/8-inch wide by 5 3/4-inch tall design. The stainless steel container is wrapped in a black faux leather wrap, so it is easy to hold onto and doesn’t get banged around in your bag. This is an excellent flask for any occasion.

The Maxam 64-ounce jumbo flask is unique in its size—frankly, it’s hard to find another flask this big. It comes in brushed stainless steel finish, black, or camouflage color. The solid build, combined with the limited lifetime guarantee, means that this flask will be toting your favorite drinks for a long time to come.

For a classic flask, you can’t go wrong with the Maxam eight-ounce stainless steel hip flask with screw-down cap. If you look up flask in the dictionary, this is what you see. It has the classic design with stainless steel finish and it will protect your beverages as well as you could ever want a flask to.

Things to Know about Maxam Flasks

There are a few things people should be aware of about Maxam flasks, particularly if they’ve never owned a flask before. You should probably clean your flask when you get it. This can be done effectively with white vinegar, then allow it to drip dry/air dry. Another thing to be aware of is that you should probably invest in a small funnel, or else invest in a lot of paper towels to clean your counter after you fill your flask.

A flask can be a fun and fashionable accessory that lets you take your favorite drink with you just about anywhere you go. Maxam makes a great selection of quality flasks that will be fun to carry for years to come. Take a few moments to find your credit card then browse the catalog here.