MikWright Funny Flasks

Want a Funny Flask? Few Flask manufacturers provide such great humor as MikWright. From the “Mama Loves Her Some Boxed Wine” to the “Monica, Dear, That Was A Precious Little Story. Now Be A Sweetheart and Fix Mommy Another Martini” flask and funnel set, you can certainly count on Mikwright to add a smile to your alcohol carrying days.

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Mikwright was founded by Tim Mikkelsen and some Phyllis lady who prefers not to publish her last name on the company website but is proud of the fact that she was once on a CNN feature segment surrounding a loose pig in her vegetable garden while she was 8 months pregnant. You don’t need a last name with that backstory – its credible enough to validate any sense of humor!

‘Mama Loves Her Some Boxed Wine” Flask and Funnel Set

If you know a woman who loves her spirits and can laugh at herself then this retro Flask and Funnel set may just be the perfect gift. The economical yet still cute and stylish flask set features a retro woman on the front of the flask with the headline: “Mama Loves Her Some Boxed Wine.” Whether you want to bring giggles to your bridesmaids (or grandmother) this humorous flask has the style and charm to fit many fun-loving personalities.

Each flask set comes packaged in a fun-printed window box so the gift recipient can see the flask image immediately. You also can further customize each flask by selecting different MikWright retro flasks with different humorous sayings.

“Monica, Dear, That Was A Precious Little Story. Now Be A Sweetheart and Fix Mommy Another Martini!” Flask and Funnel Set

Girls everywhere no longer have to settle for a “man’s” flask. They can have their own with this MikWright flask and funnel set that features a black and white picture of two women and a little girl. The quote on the front of the flask talks about the mother asking a little girl named Monica to be a sweetheart and make another martini for mommy. While we certainly hope no mothers exist that actually do this, the adult humor is quite comical.

“Hello Vodka, It’s Mommy Calling” Flask and Funnel Set

This Flask and Funnel set is a cool, retro flask set that features a retro, brown-haired woman on the front of the stainless steel flask. The woman is holding a telephone receiver, and the headline on the flask reads: “Hello Vodka, It’s Mommy Calling.” Once again, adult humor almost every mom can relate to!

Overall if you want to buy a flask with some fun the collection of MikWright Flask and Funnels available are second to none and make a wonderful gift for people with a spark of humor in their life. Of course, it might also be a good idea to give these flasks as a gift to people who need a bit of loosening up also.