Must Have Android Apps for Alcohol Lovers

Your Android phone can do just about anything. It can provide directions, make calls, surf the web, check your Facebook status, and remind you of important dates. Now, with the growing popularity of Android apps, your smart phone has become even more intelligent. For alcohol lovers, there are a number of different applications that can help you plan a night out or prepare the perfect cocktail. Here are some of the favorite alcohol apps that you could come in handy when you are planning to drink with the friends or plan on being the bartender at home.

Become a Bartender in Minutes

Just because you are a beer drinker does not mean everyone who comes to your party appreciates beer like you do. It can be a major downer for someone to go to a party and find that the host did not invest in any liquor. Prepare ahead of time and download the Bartender App. With this app, you can browse through a wide selection of different drinks, save your favorites, and search for drinks that contain certain ingredients. Hey, somebody might even try to hit on the bartender.

Can’t Think of Any Drinking Games?

Once everyone starts to feel nice, they may want to play engage in a little game fun. When you get sick and tired of the same old drinking game that you always play, spice things up and download the Drinking Games app for the Android system. Currently, this application has 33 different games to choose from and comes with the rules and instructions so that you and your buddies never get in an argument. From Busta Rhyme to Fuzzy Duck, there are plenty of games to choose from to keep the party going.

Track Your Drinks While You Are Out on the Town

If you want to estimate your blood alcohol content or you are trying to keep track of how much you drink, the AlcoDroid is a great app to download. This app has tools to log how many drinks you have had and will develop a chart to tell you when your BAC will get below the legal limit. If you want to have a drink or you want to plan when you can leave your friend’s house the next morning, do not risk it and be responsible with this useful application.

Obviously our suggestion is to get a cab ride home and not rely on a phone to tell you if you are sober!

Google Places Will Help you Find Your Local Bars

Are you tired of visiting the same dry bar that you always go to? It is time to look for new locations? Google Places is one of the best apps you can download when you want to find out where the closest bar is, where you can go for a beer run at midnight, or where you and your buddies can eat after you leave the club. This free app will show you what is nearby and also gives you the power to type in places by name. If you are not sure how to get around, the application will give you step-by-step directions as well.

End the Silence with the Right Music

Have you ever been to a party where everyone was sitting around and talking? Parties are not complete without music. In fact, if you do not have some sort of music playing, your friends are bound to leave pretty early. If you do not want to bring out all of your old CDs, you should download the doubleTwist Media Player for the Android. This media player will help you create playlists, play music, and also play music videos. As you can see, your Android phone can help you get the party started or keep the party going. If you take time to download these intelligent apps, you will be the life of the party and everyone’s favorite host. Compare all of the apps available, download the ones you will use, and never have a party without all of the right drinks, games, and music.