Must Have iPhone Apps for Alcohol Lovers

Popular apps make life easier for travelers, shoppers and internet readers, and iPhone apps for alcohol lovers are no exception.  These alcohol apps place shopping selections for wine, beer and cocktails right at your finger tips including clues on how to choose the best alcoholic drinks for a party, a business social or the best choices for food pairings. Some of the most popular iPhone Apps for drinkers are:

Beer Cloud

BeerCloud is the essential app for beer education. Beer lovers can become well educated about their favorite beers before heading out to a store or going on a date. This app allows people to even quickly pair foods with their favorite beer. You can also scan a beer’s barcode to find additional information about the beer, and find the nearest location where it is served.

With more than 135 distinct beer styles, and thousands of twists for each of these styles, beer lovers no longer have to wade through hundreds of mobile websites or Internet pages to find the best beer pairings for a hot date or dinner at home. BeerCloud provides user-generated content and connects users to the nearest restaurant and store that sells their favorite beer. Details provided include items such as beer strength, bitterness, color, taste profiles and brief descriptions.

Drink Fit

Keeping track of healthcare and fitness regimes just got easier with the addition of information from Drinkfit. An ideal app for those that want to easily continue counting carbohydrates and calories with the inclusion of their favorite alcoholic beverages, especially during meals at their favorite restaurant. Drinkfit allows users to quickly pick out wines with the least amount of carbs. It also provides detailed nutritional information on alcoholic drinks, including wine coolers, beers, cocktails, liquor and drink mixers. The app includes information on more than 1600 drinks with detailed nutrition descriptions, such as serving size, carbohydrate percentages, total fat, fat percentages, total protein, total sugars and more.  Users can also keep track of their consumption while they are on the move.


DrinkedIn is a fun social networking app that allows drinkers to connect around the globe. As the largest social network of its kind, alcoholic drinkers can easily find details on their favorite mixed drink recipes, pub reviews and bar reviews. Users can share their favorite drinking videos and photos and locate drink information by city, including cities within the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy, Venice and Canada. Users can also find their favorite drinks by categories, including rum, bourbon, beer, vodka and scotch. The app includes drink recipes that use mixes, such as liquors, coffee and teas and beer and Ale drink mixes. Users can perform advanced searches by list title, list description and list summary.


Fromage is a must have item for cheese connoisseurs that want to easily pair these creamy delights with their favorite wine combinations. This app provides more than 750 cheese and corresponding wine selections and is ideal for professional party planners, professional chefs and cheese buyers.  This pocket pairing guide also includes narrated cheese descriptions, cheese photos and it provides users with the ability to add notes and their favorite cheeses to the library. Fromage offers user-based selections from more than 37 countries and regions, including the United States, Spain, Canada, Italy and France.

Pair It

Pair It is a food and wine guide that assists users on the go. This must have app for wine lovers helps users to select pairings based on distinguished tips, advice and suggestions from other users. Created by a chef and pairings expert, the app provides award-winning suggestions and pairings, including experimental pairing options, new discoveries and favorite combinations. Ideal for both dining out and home cooking comparisons, Pair It comes with more than 20,000 options for food and wine pairings.

FanFinder Sports Bar Locator

Heading out with friends for a quick drink can be fun, and the FanFinder Sports Bar Locator makes going out much easier. The app includes updated information about new and existing sports bars within the user’s local area. It includes locations that cater to fans of the NBA, NCAA and local sports events providing users an easy way to find a bar to cheer on a favorite team or a rival’s bar to have a little cheering competition.  The FanFinder Sports Bar Locator also includes details such as address, phone number and directions.

Wine Wherever

The Wine Wherever app has received award-winning reviews from broadcast media, magazines, and daily newspapers. It covers several wine regions within the United States, including Washington, New York and Texas. It also features wine selections from famous regions, such Napa, Santa Barbara and the South Coast. Wine Wherever helps iPhone users to keep track of their favorite selections allowing users to simply click on the winery detail buttons and add their thoughts to their own personal wine journal. The app offers dual functionality for both iPhone and iPad technology.  Users are also eligible for discounted tasting fees, merchandise, participating digital winery coupons and more.