Penalties for Carrying a Fake ID

Ah, youth. In a society filled with media galore, you would figure something like carrying a fake ID would be widely known as illegal. Wait; that IS the case but people do it anyway!

The penalties for carrying a fake ID are not very well known since most fake ID holders don’t get caught. Life can seem so simple without consequences for actions, illegal or otherwise. With that in mind, there are actual, real-life, honest-to-goodness consequences for carrying a fake ID, and yes, people do get caught, despite what your friends tell you.

Punishment May Be Severe

Whether you are trying to sneak into a club, buy alcohol, or get into a concert, every state considers falsification of identity a serious offense. Now, if you are carrying a fake ID, society can safely assume you might have authority issues and stray away from “following the rules.” Rules are stupid, right?

Wrong. In fact, most states consider a fake ID a misdemeanor. That means a fine is coming your way. In some states, the fine can be more than $500. Hope that bottle of Absolut was worth it.

In other states, simply having a fake ID on your person is considered a felony. Ouch. Hope prison time was well worth that concert. It must have been a seriously wicked band. Oh, and enjoy your cozy cell!

Even better, if you happen to fall upon the brilliant — and it is truly brilliant in a very sarcastic way — idea of modifying your current driver’s license, almost every state considers that a serious felony. You could earn yourself up to 7 years in a state prison. That punishment is reserved for the artistic at heart.

If the ideas of prison or hefty fines aren’t enough to convince you to stay away from fake IDs, some states will even take your driver’s license away; you know, the real one. Basically, you swap your real license with a fake one, get busted, and lose both. Now that sounds like a great way to spend your senior year in high school! Nothing like having mommy drive you around town when you’re 18 years old because the cops took your license away.

Just Wait until College

The above statement does seem like a great idea, doesn’t it? You are an adult at 18 years old, in college, most likely not living under your parents’ roof, and you feel that you can do anything you want. It is your life, live it the way you feel fit!

It sounds too perfect, and that’s because it is. Most college campuses and college cities today are cracking down on fake IDs. Police forces are now issuing huge fines on establishments that are knowingly selling alcohol to underage customers. Many of these bars and restaurants go to great lengths to make sure you are of age, too. They do not want a gigantic fine just because you want a Jack and Coke.

The other problem with the “I’m in college and can do what I want” attitude is your age. That’s right, at 18 years old you can be officially tried in court as an adult. That means no slap-on-the-wrist punishments like community service hours. Instead, you could find yourself with a large fine and some prison time in your future. What a great exit from college… a prison sentence!

Fines Aren’t that Bad

Although some folks can afford a simple $500 fine, if you repeatedly get caught with a fake ID, your punishments could also increase. You see, many judges have quite a bit of leeway in determining punishments for fake IDs. If you happen to get caught a few times, you could be made an example of, and how fun would that be. You could be at the mercy of a judge you have already ticked off. Fun times!

Some establishments in certain states have even been given the ability to fine customers caught using a fake ID. Alaska allows up to a $1,000 fine per attempt with a fake ID. Again, $1,000 seems to be a pretty steep price to buy a beer at a bar.

The other option could be to use someone else’s ID, especially if you look alike. Great idea! In that case, both of you could be held responsible and charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Many states take falsification of identity using someone else’s identity as a very serious offense. With the new-found problem of identity theft, using someone else’s name and likeness is equal to identity theft, which could be considered a severe felony.

Despite whether you think using a fake ID is a big deal or not (or if you think the laws are stupid) you can get caught and be punished accordingly. If the fines, possible jail time, loss of a license, and possibly creating a criminal record for yourself are all worth getting into that bar and having a beer, go for it.

And the rest of society can watch and laugh when the bouncer kicks your butt out the door. And the cops take you on that magical ride to their special station. All you have to do is tell yourself that it was totally worth it. In fact, the rest of us will make a toast in your honor, because we will be enjoying our completely legal beverages and laughing at the humor you provide.

Note: Obviously there is humor and sarcasm used here and we do not promote using Fake ID’s. If you do not understand this then you really should probably re-consider many aspects of your life.