Many avid and casual drinkers have personalized flasks and, if asked, many who do not have personalized flasks would admit to wanting one and having considered buying one in the past. The reason for this is simple: a personalized flask is a source of pride. It is along the lines of getting a varsity sports letter in high school or a name plate on a desk at work. It holds both a sense of ownership and elegance. Many people purchase personalized flasks for themselves and others buy them as gifts. They are especially nice gifts for truly special occasions.

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Personalized flasks are especially popular for gifts at weddings. Sometimes someone will personalize a flask for the groom to commemorate the wedding with an engraving that includes his name, his bride’s name, the date and possibly the location of the wedding. Oftentimes the groom will be the purchaser of engraved personalized flasks. He will often get a few made as gifts for his groomsmen, usually the closest family and friends in his life. Some women will have pink leather personalized flasks made for her bridesmaids as a gift. In either situation, personalized flasks have great potential as a gift at or around a wedding.

For a Special College Graduate

Sometimes engraved flasks are good gifts at college graduations. The graduate has likely just reached legal drinking age despite perhaps already being a little too familiar with the varieties of alcohol. There are few better ways to commemorate this period of his or her life than an engraved, personalized stainless steel or leather bound flask. Most often the engraving would include the name of the graduate, the college attended and the date of graduation. Sometimes the actual degree obtained can be included, especially if it is a degree that is hard to earn. The flask can either be used for dispensing liquor or any choice of beverage or as a mantel piece for display purposes only. Either option is a classy use for a brand new personalized flask.

Birthdays and Special Occasions

The actual gift circumstance is up to the giver of the gift. While a child should not be given a flask, it would be a great gift for someone growing into adulthood, especially as he or she turns twenty-one years of age or whatever the legal drinking age is in the jurisdiction of residence. In a like manner, it would be an excellent gift for the birthday of someone who has just reached the local legal drinking age. After all, the act of reaching the legal drinking age is typically celebrated with a party that involves lots of alcohol and a relaxed atmosphere. Imagine being the party guest with the most appropriate gift of all: an elegant container for alcoholic beverages.

Different Types of Flasks

Personalized flasks come in several different types, from the typical stainless steel to the brown or black leather encased metal flask. Choosing the perfect type depends on the style of the recipient. If the prospective flask owner is more of the reserved type, a stainless steel engraved flask may be appropriate. For someone who enjoys the outdoors or has a rugged outlook, a leather style may be the proper choice. Gold plated flasks are also available for the extremely elegant connoisseur that expects only the best. The appropriate choice depends mainly on who the recipient is and what he or she enjoys.

Giving a Timeless and Elegant Treasure

Top-notch, engraved flasks are timeless and masterful. For many people who enjoy a good alcoholic beverage, it is the perfect gift. The worst case is that it will get occasional use. Best scenario holds that it could be a treasured talking piece in the recipient’s home for years to come. Most people, whether using the flask or displaying it in the home, treasure personalized flasks – especially avid drinkers.

Why Get it Personalized?

Personalizing a flask is a much more thoughtful touch. Many different types of flasks are available, from the standard stainless steel flask at the local liquor store to a gold plated flask from a nice online dealer or pawn shop. Many liquor manufacturers make their own flasks, too. Most whiskey and vodka companies have their logos engraved into a decent stainless steel flask. However, only a personalized flask screams elegance and ownership. It commemorates an event or a person, shows how much the giver of the gift cares about and treasures the recipient, or sometimes just makes an intended heartfelt statement. To give a personalized flask to a liquor connoisseur says that the giver thought long and hard about what the recipient would like, remembered his or her love for a fine alcoholic beverage, and decided that he or she deserved only the very best in order to tote that beverage around.

Famous Flasks

Flasks add the most elegant touch to an otherwise elegant beverage. Many famous people have been seen using flasks for the purpose of elegance. James Bond was seen sipping out of a silver flask while looking at a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in the movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. John Travolta was seen sipping from a flask while using other substances in the movie Pulp Fiction. Popular comedian Ron White has been seen on stage pouring scotch from a flask during sets. From the big screen to stage performers, the entertainment industry has many people who publicly use flasks, adding to the allure of flask ownership. To personalize a metal flask is to forever immortalize the owner in the company of elegant flask users such as these.

Making the Right Decision

Personalized flasks are the perfect touch to any lifetime achievement or special occasion. From weddings and anniversaries to graduations and birthdays, this is a gift that will impress and be appreciated for anybody in any walk of life, regardless of the taste or stature of the individual. Personalized touches from engraved initials to full messages can result in the ideal flask for the occasion and the recipient.