Sex with Alcohol – Is it Better?

Wine and SexSeveral years ago, there was a controversial public service message that ran on British public television featuring a bottle of alcohol that suddenly “goes limp.” The message was that alcohol heightens the desire and dampens the ability. Is there truth to that claim, or is alcohol really something that enhances the sexual experience?

Why are Sex and Alcohol so often linked?

You’ve seen it on the commercials – the hot blonde in the bikini who leads the average-looking guy away to fulfill his every fantasy, just because he happened to walk by with the right brand of beer in his hand. While almost nobody actually expects that to happen, the commercial still works on some level, making people buy the product.

Alcohol has become part of the dating ritual in many ways. When someone is looking for a partner, they will usually end up at a bar. They’ll complain about it, deny it, and tell anyone who’ll listen that you can’t meet quality people in a bar, but still they will go. The first question a guy will ask when he sees a woman he deems worthy of his attention is, of course, “Can I buy you a drink?”

Alcoholic drinks have a certain sex appeal of their own, too. Many women find a man sipping a martini or a glass of scotch to be sophisticated and attractive. There are even drinks designed to be sexy, like the famous drink “Sex on the Beach.” Some drinks are designed to be consumed in a suggestive way, like Blowjobs and other erotically named shots that are meant to be consumed without the use of your hands, showing all kinds of skills that will get potential mates thinking overly good thoughts about you and your prowess.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Quest for Sex?

Without alcohol, there probably wouldn’t be a quest for sex. Even though the upside of sex is obvious, there are a lot of negative possibilities that come from sex, things like venereal disease, emotional damage, acquiring a mother-in-law, etc., so people need to be in a slightly different state of mind to seek it. The ability of alcohol to lower inhibitions certainly helps.

Speaking of lowering inhibitions, a lot of women don’t appreciate how much courage it takes for a man to risk rejection, humiliation, and an occasional kick to the groin by actually approaching a woman and asking her out. The lowered inhibitions created by alcohol can allow a man to think of the possible positive outcome rather than the plethora of ways this attempt could end up on YouTube. Similarly, a woman needs to have her inhibitions lowered a bit to even consider having a drink with the stuttering, stammering yahoo who is trying to impress her with a line his dad used in 1954.

How Does Alcohol Affect Sexual Performance?

The effect that alcohol can have on sexual performance depends greatly on the amount of alcohol consumed. According to Internet and Psychiatry, the lowering of inhibitions that comes with light drinking can lead to enhanced sexual experience, but heavy drinking can cause problems.

For men, heavy drinking dulls sensation and makes it difficult for a man to get and maintain an erection. For women, heavy drinking can also dull sensation, making it harder to achieve orgasm. It can also lead to less lubrication, which causes pain and discomfort. How come they never mention that in those beer commercials with the bikini models? They could run these as one of those too-quick oral disclaimers at the end or beginning of the ad. Oral disclaimer .. oh my, did we just say that.

What are the Dangers of Sex with Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol can impair judgement, and sex is an area that requires a fair amount of judgement. First of all, alcohol-impaired judgement can cause you to have “beer goggles,” meaning that you have sex with someone who you find downright frightening when you’re sober. There are also the dangers of hooking up with people you really shouldn’t hook up with – co-workers, best friends’ boyfriends, first cousins, etc.

Other lapses in judgement that might come back to haunt you include having sex in a public place or anywhere else you might get caught, or allowing yourself to be filmed in the act. Those things are fine if you’re into them, but if you allow yourself to be talked into them because of the alcohol, that’s a whole different story.

There can be even more serious dangers with sex and alcohol. In an inebriated moment, you might forget to use protection, which could lead to pregnancy or venereal disease, even a potentially fatal venereal disease. In a more extreme situation, you might decide to take part in a sex act that could be harmful or even life threatening.

Alcohol and sex seem to be inseparably linked by society, pop culture, and advertising. As to whether sex is better with alcohol, it depends on how much alcohol is consumed. It certainly can help people to get together and get in the mood, but if people drink too much, it can lead to dangers and problems. Life is not one big beer ad … at least that is what we have been told.