Shampbooze Stealth Flask Review

One of the great things about a flask is that it allows you to take drinks with you wherever you go. But when you want to take alcohol to a place where bringing a drink isn’t necessarily encouraged (or even allowed) you’re going to need a flask that looks like something else. Enter the Shampbooze Stealth Flask from

The Shampbooze Stealth flask is what happens when James Bond’s “Q” division goes to work on the problem of how to sneak liquor onto a cruise ship. The result is two 16-ounce containers that look like plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, but really hold 32 ounces of, well, whatever you want them to hold.

The containers are very thick, made of virgin food-grade plastic, and can safely hold alcohol or any other beverage. The rugged, seamless construction assures that there will be no leakage in your luggage, and they have been thoroughly tested to prove it.

To help keep the Shampbooze’s clandestine qualities, the company makes sure to blur the labels in its advertising. They also change the label on the bottles every few months to throw nosy bag inspectors off the trail. The label itself contains ingredients and even a web address for the shampoo company, just like you would see on a real shampoo bottle.

Some people add to the disguise by putting the flask in a Ziploc bag, just like they might do with their shampoo to prevent leaking. You can also fill them to capacity to minimize the “sloshing” sound when they move. No matter how you pack them, only the most suspicious inspector would look twice at these bottles in a suitcase, in an overnight bag, or even in a bathroom. In fact, just about the only way to get caught with these is if somebody sees you drinking your shampoo while you’re sunning yourself on a deck chair.

Uses for the Shampbooze Stealth Flask

The Shampbooze Stealth flask was designed with cruise ships specifically in mind. Cruise ships do not generally allow you to bring your own alcohol on board because they sell their own, often at a tremendous price mark-up.

Of course, cruise ships are ultra-aware of how much people want to avoid paying high prices for alcohol, so they carefully check bags to make sure people don’t have any bottles of liquor in them. If they find anything, they will hold it for you until the cruise is over–for your safety, of course.

Depending on how expensive your tastes are, you could save hundreds of dollars using a disguised flask like the Shampbooze each and every time you take a cruise. Of course, there are other options, like a “rum runner” container, but those are easy to spot and only have one-third of the strength of the Shampbooze.

There are other uses for a Shampbooze Stealth flask beyond cruises. While you’re not exactly going to fool anybody bringing a shampoo and conditioner bottle into a ballgame or concert, you might just be able to use them to protect your private stock from your frat brothers or your Uncle Ernie when he comes to stay with you with you for the weekend. It’s also great for surprising your traveling companion with a late-night drink when staying in a hotel. Of course they’d be even more surprised if they tried to borrow your shampoo in the morning.

Unsafe Use of Disguised Beverage Containers

While the Shampbooze has proven to be very effective in getting your favorite drinks onto cruise ships, you might not want to try that trick with the airlines. Aside from the obvious problem of a plane full of people seeing you drinking your shampoo, you have the issue of TSA agents checking your carry-on baggage and they would most likely not be amused. You should also be careful to use these only for the novelty and the convenience, and avoiding extra costs—never to break the law.

Another thing to be careful about is making your own disguised container out of a real shampoo bottle. First of all, if you don’t clean the bottle thoroughly and completely, it will retain that lovely soapy aftertaste and could even have a harmful reaction with whatever you are storing in it. Secondly, it won’t be as strong as the Shampbooze and probably won’t have a secure screw-on cap, so the chance of leakage is increased.

The Shampbooze Stealth flask is a very ingenious way to save some money and drink your favorite beverage when taking a cruise. The design is clever enough, strong enough, and sneaky enough to survive inspectors, luggage handlers, tea-totaling travelling companions, and everything else a cruise can throw at you.

The 32-ounce capacity gives you enough storage for a nightcap for two every night or one really good in-room party. All in all, this is an ingenious, high-quality product that can make vacations more fun.