Should a Man Ever Buy a Drink with an Umbrella?

A drink with an umbrella brings to mind the tropics, sunshine, relaxing with friends, and vacation days. Some people would even go a bit further and say that umbrella drinks are girly and fruity. Many self-respecting men take this to heart and vow to never buy a drink with an umbrella. However, whether or not to ever buy a drink with an umbrella depends on the guy and his self image.

Bright-colored beverages in a footed glass, decorated with fruit and the infamous umbrella, scream seaside relaxation, fun, and laid back times. Yet while a drink with an umbrella is fine for any woman, it just doesn’t cut it as an option for many guys.

Does enjoying a drink with an umbrella ruin a macho image?

Realistically, a guy with an umbrella drink in his hand sends a certain message. He doesn’t look like someone on vacation. He looks like a less-than-macho man who is indulging in a girly drink. While this may not seem fair, it is reality.

While the umbrella may taint your macho image, many a macho man can handle the hazing and the stigma that an umbrella can bring up. Tough guys who are secure in their masculinity are fine with enjoying a drink with an umbrella every so often. Before you indulge, ask yourself if you are prepared for the backlash. Can you handle it?

Is a drink with an umbrella the way to a woman’s heart?

Women love a drink with an umbrella because, for them, it means fun times and a tasty treat. An umbrella drink almost always brings a smile and helps a woman open up. Such drinks are a burst of color and sunshine on even the dreariest day. Seize the opportunity to capitalize on that feeling and treat a woman to an umbrella drink.

A guy who is looking to win over a lady would do well to put down his macho side and pop for a drink with an umbrella and deliver it too. In fact, buying an umbrella drink for a lady is about the only way a man can get away with buying such a drink and keeping his image intact.

Arrive with a little flattery and the umbrella drink in hand, as well as a more macho drink for you. Stick around and strike up a conversation while you keep those umbrella drinks coming. The lady you want to get to know will have fun and you will be well on the way to capturing her heart.

How can you man-up a drink with an umbrella?

The easy way to make a drink with an umbrella more masculine is to start by removing the umbrella. Tough guys never show their umbrella. To completely get rid of the feminine aspects of a fruity drink, remove the straw and any cut fruit sitting on the rim. Drink straight from the glass to make your tropical drink a little more manly.

In fact if you are ordering a drink that usually takes an umbrella, request that it be served in a high ball glass. The color may still give you away, but, by taking away the decorations and the fancy glass, you definitely alter the impression of the drink. Making a fruity drink into a manlier beverage is a tough job, but a few changes can definitely help.

What’s a good alternative to a drink with an umbrella?

Any self-respecting man will want to save his image by completely avoiding drinking fruity umbrella drinks. However, if you like the flavor of fruity drinks, a great choice is any of the flavored vodkas. Opt for one straight up in a flask for a macho message that can’t be denied. Whatever you do, stay away from colorful mixed drinks or at least cover them up with in a flask so they can’t be seen.

If you are a fan of mixed drinks, some of the manliest cocktails include the Four Horsemen, Boilermaker, Liquid Steak and Prairie Oyster. With manly ingredients like whiskey, Tabasco, bourbon, and raw eggs, no one will blink an eye about your choice of drinks. It’s a sure bet that no one ever put an umbrella in any of these drinks, or if they attempted it, there’s a good chance that the umbrella just dissolved in that stew of alcohol!

It’s easy to say that a man should never buy a drink with an umbrella, but there are some who will risk it and some who simply just don’t care. No matter what others think, you are who you are. The right guy can successfully handle an umbrella. Even if you are not that guy, if you really want a drink with an umbrella, go ahead and indulge, just in the privacy of your own home!

Or, if you must do it in public, simply bottoms-up that drink, strip the umbrella of its paper, and use the pick on your teeth. Be sure to flash the tattoo on your arm while you do!