Stop Drinking All Your Friends under the Table: Learning How to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Alcohol

Woman With Head on TableIf you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to drinking, or you’re an extremely large person who towers over the rest of humanity, then you may be tired of drinking all your friends under the table. If your pals foolishly try to keep up with you every time you’re drinking, then chances are you end up babysitting your drunk friends way too early in the night. Who’s going to look after you if the need arises?

Or perhaps you’re one of the “gang” who is always getting hammered rather early, because you’re drinking way too quickly. While your friends may not have said anything, if they’re constantly putting you in cabs and apologizing for your behavior, don’t be surprised if they lose your number.

While it will take a little discipline and possibly thick skin depending on your friends, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to slow down and enjoy your alcohol. That’s right. Just because there’s alcohol in your drink, it doesn’t mean it has to be inhaled within three minutes of it landing on your table.

Talk to People

If most of your drinking takes place at a bar or club, for the purpose of partying and hooking up with attractive folks, then you may be spending most of your time scanning the room. Usually when people do this, they also pound back drinks like it was water in a heat wave. Before you know it, you’ve had six drinks in less than an hour and you’re well on your way to an early night.

A good way to slow down your drinking is to actually, believe it or not, talk to your friends. Bring up something like current events, sports, or a movie you just saw. Talk about the nice looking “talent” that’s in the bar. The more talking you do, the less time you’ll have to toss alcohol down your throat.

Or, if you’re in a club with loud music and can hardly hear yourself think, then go ask someone to dance or just hit the dance floor on your own.

Don’t Have Drinks with Tons of Alcohol

While drinking a double bourbon on the rocks or a triple vodka martini might be “your thing,” unless you sip that one drink for an hour, pounding back beverages like this is a quick way to get toasted. In case you didn’t know, most hard liquor is significantly higher in alcohol than beer or wine, so, it might be best to stick with singles.

Ordering shots of liquor is also a very, very, bad idea, since people usually have these in addition to the drinks they’ve already been having. In other words, rarely do people order a round of tequila, and then swear off drinking more booze to discuss the weather.

If you want to order cocktails, then be sure to know how much alcohol is in them. Just because they taste “yummy,” that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not stacked with a ton of booze. In fact, some people end up drinking more hard liquor when it’s mixed with soda or juice then if it’s not, simply because they find it easier to get down.

The same can, of course, be said for beer. Contrary to popular belief, not every beer is around 5% alcohol; some come with a lot more punch than that. While it’s a good idea to stick with light beer as a way to slow down, that will only work if you don’t end up drinking twice as much in the process.

Take a Break

Another good way to prolong the night, or make sure your lightweight friends don’t try to match you, is to simply take a break from the liquor. Try ordering a soda or a non-alcoholic beverage once every second or third drink. If you’re worried about your friends giving you a hard time, try to have it while your alcoholic drink is still on the go. This way you can still say you’re “drinking”―alcohol that is―but it will slow down your booze intake.

Drink Lots of Water

As you probably have learned the hard way by now, lots of alcohol isn’t exactly great for your body. In fact, the reason you get wasted is because humans aren’t designed to have too much liquor in them. This is why you may feel that you just can’t drink nearly enough water for a day or two after a long night of partying.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to drink a lot of water while you’re out on the town. Not only will it help your body deal with the alcohol, but the more water you drink, the less time you’ll have to guzzle booze.

Eat Something

It’s always a good idea to have a good-sized meal before you start drinking and to have a snack or two while you’re out. Having food in your stomach helps your body process the alcohol much easier. Ordering your table some wings or nachos may not be great for the calorie count, but it could make the night much more tolerable.