The Beatles Abbey Road Tie Dye 6 oz. Boxed Flask

Looking for an unusual gift for that hard-to-please friend? Tired of gift cards or other generic gifts that show little imagination? The Beatles Abbey Road Boxed Flask is a fun and imaginative gift for any Beatles fan.

The Coolness Factor

Flasks are generally made for utility, not for fun. Ask most people to describe a flask, and their response will probably say nothing about it being colorful or exciting. Not so with the Beatles Abbey Road Boxed Flask. This 6 ounce, stainless steel beauty is covered with a leatherette sleeve featuring a tie-dye silhouette of the iconic Abbey Road album cover, with the Beatles crossing the street beneath the words “Abbey Road.” The colors are sharp and eye-popping, and the visual effect is exciting even while sober.

Appeals to All

The Beatles remain a cultural icon even decades after their heyday. Baby Boomers who grew up with the Beatles will love a reminder of days past, and this flask will help take them back to the exciting times of their youth when everyone was listening to Abbey Road. Who knows, they might even search out the album and revisit Beatlemania again!

A Really Useful Gift

Gift giving often involves much decision on part of the gift giver and while it may seem safe to opt for a gift card or other safe present why not be a little hip. The Beatles Abbey Road Boxed Flask is far from boring, and it is a gift that is sure to be used over and over. It’s more fun to carry than a water bottle, so it’s great for people who like to walk or hike.

The Ultra-Cool Choice

There is no doubt that the Beatles Abbey Road Boxed Flask is a gift which the recipient will remember for many years to come. Instead of buying just another ho-hum gift card, why not delight someone in your life with a gift they will use and enjoy for a long, long time?

No Alcohol or Psychedelics included.

We do not have Ringo’s Phone Number.

We miss The Beatles!