The Most Popular New Drinking Games

drinking gamesWhether you’re planning a house party and want to make sure everyone gets completely wasted, or you take great pleasure in defeating your friends whenever possible, then drinking games may be just the thing for you. Of course, if you haven’t been to any frat parties or stepped onto a college campus lately, then you may not know what the most popular drinking games are.

Then, there’s also the chance that you’re waking up from a booze-filled evening, and now you’re trying to place together how exactly you got so obliterated the night before. If you remember a lot of playing cards, plastic cups, and coins, and a ton of liquor, then drinking games could be why your head feels like it’s about to explode. But what game was it exactly? Read on.

Beer Pong

One of the more popular drinking games to come on the scene is Beer Pong, which is not only super fun, but a sure-fire way for uncoordinated people to get absolutely tanked.

As the name “pong” denotes, you will need a ping pong ball, a table―one for ping pong is ideal―and at least 12 cups of beer.

The goal of the game is to bounce the ball into one of the opposing team’s cups of beer. Ideally, it’s nice to play with teams of two, but if humans are scarce―or too scared to play―then you can get away with one person on each side. If you’re thinking about playing this game by your lonesome tonight, or with your dog “Rusty,” maybe drinking a ton of beer isn’t such a good idea.

If a player sinks a ball into one of the other team’s cups then they have to drink the beer that’s in it. The empty cup is removed and the full ones are reorganized together. Whatever team ends up drinking all of their cups first is the loser, and then they must drink all the remaining cups the other team has. So, if you’re hoping to get loaded sooner rather than later, pick someone with zero athleticism as your teammate and make repeated throwing errors.

Ultimate Beer Pong

Human beings are constantly looking for ways to make things bigger and better, and Beer Pong is no different. Once you and your pals have mastered Beer Pong, give Ultimate Beer Pong a try. After all, it wouldn’t include the word “ultimate” if it wasn’t better than the original game, would it?

The basic rules for Ultimate Beer Pong are the same; however, this version is a little crazier and complicated. For example, in Ultimate Beer Pong there is typically no reorganizing of the cups after one of them has been hit and drunk. This makes getting the ball in the cups much more challenging.

If both teammates sink balls during the same turn, then that team gets the ball back for two more shots. So, if they hit four cups in one turn, then the opposition has some serious drinking to do.

If that wasn’t “high stakes” enough for you, in Ultimate Beer Pong, if a team sinks two balls in the same cup on the same turn, then the game is over. Yes, that still means the losing team has to drink all of the winning crew’s beer.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another new drinking game that’s nothing like sipping cherry soda while you play “Old Maid” with your great aunt. For Flip Cup, you’ll need at least eight or 10 people to make up two teams. You’ll also need a table―ideally, a long rectangle one―a bunch of cups and, of course, plenty of booze.

Each team sits across from the other one and each player has a cup in front of them with alcohol in it. Depending on how sloppy you want things to get, the cups can have beer in them or hard liquor. Clearly, if you want to reduce how many people end up passing out under the table, then beer is probably the way to go.

Once everything is in place, two opposing players “cheers” each other at one end of table to begin the relay. As soon as they’ve downed their drink, they must sit the cup facing up along the edge of the table. Next, they flip the cup with their hand, in an effort to make it land with the opening face down on the table. Once the person has successfully done so, the next member of their team gulps their drink and tries to do the same thing. The first team to make it down the line and flip all of their cups upside down wins.

What do you win? That’s up to you, but if getting more sauced is the goal, then making the losing team do another round of drinks wouldn’t hurt.


If Beer Pong and Flip Cup sound like they require too much energy and enthusiasm, then the card game Kings may be more to your liking. All you need to play this game is a deck of cards, some hard liquor, and a rugged liver.

The rules that most people utilize when they’re playing Kings is simple. The first person to be dealt a King card picks the alcohol, the second to get a King chooses the mix, the third has to make or buy the drink, and the fourth person has to drink it. Depending on how mean your friends are, be prepared to drink some nasty combinations if you decide to play Kings.