Top 5 College Drinking Games

Whether you are just heading off to college or are a seasoned pro on the scene, knowing all about the top 5 college drinking games can often kick your social schedule into high gear. Take a few minutes and uncover how these top 5 college drinking games are played. Wow your friends, classmates, and dorm mates with your drinking skills!

Also note that drinking is illegal in most colleges so you may also be opening up the doors to a lifetime of pain from some nerdy dorm master or campus police who have hopes of working for TSA one day.

Drinking Game #1: Beer Pong

This is the king of all college drinking games, hands down. Beer pong is always a hit. Even if the rules are a bit different from place to place, what you need to play remains the same: beer, disposable cups, ping pong balls, and a table.

Beer pong is so easy, anyone can do it. You just toss your ping pong balls into the cups of beer in front of the other team to make them drink. The different rules in the game make it more challenging and more interesting.

What doubles the fun is the fact that the losing team tends to deteriorate quickly and play even worse, as they get drunker and drunker.

Beer pong is so fun that it is even going beyond the college scene. Lots of family parties have a backyard or garage game of beer pong going on. What a great way to get someone to spill their secrets – when they lose at beer pong!

Drinking Game #2: The TV/Movie/Sports Game

This top college drinking game is one that can be done with almost any TV show or movie. Just set the rules at the beginning so that everyone knows how to get drunk. The basics of the game are that you will take a drink each time a word or name is said or if a certain action is taken.

Like all good college drinking games, the goal is to get drunk as fast as possible. Some examples of the TV or movie game are classics like taking a drink for every time someone says “smurf” on The Smurfs or whenever someone says the name or part of the name of a character in a movie.

Some cult favorite shows and movies have their own detailed set of rules for their own drinking games. Friends, Seinfeld, and Ben Hur are just a few of them. Google the name of the show or movie and the words “drinking game” and you will get all the rules.

This kind of game can also be used to get drunk when watching sports with the gang. It is standard during football season and is pretty simple. You drink a beer when player changes are made, scoreboards are shown, the game starts, there are touchdowns, playoffs are mentioned, there are trick plays, and much more. Sports have never been so much fun!

Drinking Game #3: King’s Cup

King’s Cup is a popular drinking game that requires nothing more than a pack of playing cards and your beer. Each of the different cards in the deck tells you to do something a little different. Like beer pong, rules can be very different depending on who you’re playing with.

As you pull cards, people may have to chug. You might get to choose who will drink or get to have a drink yourself. If you’re looking for a game to play with people you don’t know, this is the one. It is a fun ice breaker because you can add your own rules that help you get to know other people.

Drinking Game #4: Dice Games

Dice drinking games are hot now. There are so many different ones that college students everywhere are playing for a good time. You can play a different dice game every week and never run out of games to try.

One of the most popular dice drinking games is to set up a dozen glasses or cups in a line. Players roll two dice and the number that appears is the number of the cup they must drink. If it is empty, they can add any alcohol they want.

Drinking Game #5: Depth Charge

The final drinking game to round out a list of the top 5 college drinking games is one that brings together beer and booze. This is the way to quickly get very drunk.

The basic equipment needed for this game, apart from beer and your favorite hard alcohol, is a pint glass and a shot glass. Fill the pint glass about halfway with beer. Gently put the shot glass on top of the beer so that it floats.

Now the game begins. Each person playing has a try at pouring the alcohol into the floating shot glass. When the glass tips over into the beer, the player who is pouring has to drink it all down. Like beer pong, the drunker the losers get, the worse and funnier they play.

Now that you know all the best college drinking games, you’ll be the life of the party. Introduce one of these hot drinking games at your next dorm, fraternity, or off-campus social event and see your college drinking party come alive.

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