Top 5 Flasks for a Single Woman

Every single woman needs a flask. Having something reliable and solid to depend on when you’re on your own is important. Your favorite flask will hold your liquid courage, mood booster, or your way to unwind. No matter what you put in your flask, it is important to know about the top 5 flasks for single women, so you can choose the ideal one for you.

A Personalized Flask

By personalizing your flask with your name, you can be sure that none of your other single friends with the same great taste confuse your flask for theirs. There are tons of options as to how to personalize your leather, stainless steel, or pewter flask, so there is no doubt about who owns it.

Every woman loves personalized items. In fact, if you are looking for the ideal gift for the single woman who loves to party, a flask bearing her name or initials may just be the best gift idea. Make her feel extra special with a flask of her very own and personalize it so she can proudly warn all potential suitors of her drinking ambitions.

A Leather-Covered Flask

A pink leather-covered flask is a top choice for many single women. In fact, a leather-covered flask in any favorite color is perfect for any gift recipient. Much more comfortable to hold than a stainless steel flask, a leather covering protects your flask and gives it the style you want. You will enjoy your flask much longer when it is protected from dents and scratches with a sturdy covering.

If you don’t purchase leather because of your animal protection beliefs, you can rest assured that a pleather, or fake leather, covered flask can be easily found. There are lots of low-cost alternatives to genuine leather for a chic covered flask and once you have a drink or two you might even start liking the real leather feel after all.

A Funny Flask

There is so much choice in flasks and especially in funny ones. There are a multitude of flasks out there, decorated with lively colors and images, sporting a funny expression that can liven up any moment. “I’m going to be the most popular girl in rehab” and “Golly! Liquor is quicker” are just two favorites you can choose.

You can even find ones that deliver a little message with humor, like “don’t pretend to understand my problems” and “drinks well with others.” If you are looking for a funny flask for a single friend, nothing beats “we go together like drunk and disorderly.” The right funny flask will bring a smile to your face every time you lay eyes on it.

A Fashion Flask

The fashion flask is another excellent choice for single women. The right flask can complement your outfit. Choosing a flask with plenty of bling can be perfect for a dress-up event. Simply matching your flask to your outfit by color is a statement in itself. In fact, fashion flasks are so affordable that you can easily pick up several in a variety of colors to complement your wardrobe and not break the bank.

Just one thing to remember, single ladies, if you have a fashion flask in a girly color and you want to share with a guy you meet, he may not want to be seen swigging from a pink or purple flask. Depending on where you are going and what your plans are, you may want to keep an elegant black flask on hand, in case you want to share with a potential flame.

A Giant Flask

For those times when something small just won’t do, you need to have a giant one. Just what constitutes a giant flask to you is a matter of opinion, and that opinion is yours. While most flasks hold about five to eight ounces of liquid, giant flasks can hold from three times up to eight times that amount. As every woman knows, size really does matter.

The 64-ounce flask is about the biggest of the giant flasks and it is perfect for a variety of uses. When you want to share with your other single friends, the giant flask is ideal. To make sure you don’t run out of your favorite drink when you need it most, the giant flask is the perfect choice. If you are a big drinker, this is definitely the flask you want for all of your adventures.

A single woman should embrace her singlehood and have some fun. There are lots of opportunities out there to do so, and carrying a flask is a sure bet to help things along. A flask can make even the dullest party more bearable. So explore all the options in a great flask for your drinking adventures and enjoy making a statement with your new flask.