Top 5 Flasks for GI Joe’s

Every GI Joe needs his own flask that is as trustworthy and strong as he is. A flask is a sure sign of a no-nonsense man who takes his booze straight and his commitments seriously. However, not just any flask will do for GI Joe. Finding the right one is a matter of looking through these top 5 flasks for the hard-to-buy-for soldier.

Military Green Flask

GI Joe is known for that trademark army green color. A military green flask is a great choice for any military man. Green flasks are available in a variety of shapes to appeal to any GI. A traditional hip flask that neatly tucks into a pocket or a specially designed flask whose shape slips into an ammo pouch undetected are both perfect choices.

Within your choice of green flasks, you are sure to encounter other options. The material that is used for the flask is important, with stainless steel being the most popular option these days. You also have different options when it comes to the size of your flask. They can be as small as five ounces or as large as 64 ounces. Will your Army guy be keeping this in his boot or tailgating with it at the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game?

Camouflage Flask

The camouflage flask comes in a variety of choices. You can get one that is leather covered for comfortable handling and extra protection for the flask itself. A printed green camo flask is another solid choice. You can even opt for a camouflage covering for your handy favorite flask, to give it some versatility.

A camo flask is a sure sign of a GI Joe. It fits in no matter where you take a sip. The last thing you want when you are trying to blend in to your surroundings is a shiny silver flask catching the sunlight. Camo will keep you safe and secure, just like in the wilderness. Camouflage clothes and gear are standard for GI Joes. That makes a camo flask an easy choice for the GI looking for something to hold his liquor or someone looking to give the perfect gift. Oh, and yes Camo is short for Camouflage .. we think.

Military Insignia Flask

Every proud GI regularly flaunts the insignia of his branch of the military. You see it everywhere, from the back of vehicles to baseball hats and T-shirts. It makes sense that any good GI would covet a flask with his insignia on it, so he can show off just where he belongs. His military insignia is the calling card of a GI.

Flasks emblazoned with military insignia are easy to find, including the U.S. Air Force Military insignia, the Marine Corps logo, and the symbol of the U.S. Army. Proud members of these divisions need not search further for their best choice in a flask.  Military insignia flasks that are from defunct military groups are also easy to find and a unique choice. Russian, USSR, or Soviet military flasks are a hit with many and a great conversation piece. Of course, there is no better choice to hold some good Russian vodka.

Fake antique flasks like the Confederate Army and Civil War military flask are also irresistible to GI Joes. With an antique look and a replica military insignia, this flask looks at home in historical reenactments, as well as on the hip of a history enthusiast.

The Double-Duty Flask

The World War I Military style flask has a cigarette case wallet built in. This double-duty flask gives you a convenient place to hold your cigarettes, right beside your favorite drink. While smoking is no longer as commonplace as it was during WWI, there are still many who opt for a cigarette, at least on occasion. For GI Joes who say they only smoke when they drink, this flask option will ensure that they are never without a cigarette when they need one.

Personalized Flasks

The personalized flask is always a top 5 flask choice for just about anyone. What better way to ensure against theft and loss? You can personalize practically any type of flask, from a traditional stainless steel one to a trendy decorated one, an heirloom pewter flask, or even a leather-covered one. Just be sure to include their military rank for your favorite personalized GI Joe flask.

With a personalized flask, a great gift becomes just so much more special. The touch of personalization may cost a little more but it makes a flask stand out as a treasured belonging. Any GI Joe would be proud to carry a personalized flask of any style and color.

Flasks have become increasingly popular and are a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys a good drink. For those who are hard to buy for, like men (and women) in the military and reserves, flasks offer the perfect variety of options from which to choose. Lift your flask and toast any man in uniform with style today!