Top Beers Made in America

Beer is enjoyed all over the world, and there are many imports that grace bars, clubs, and dining room tables on a nightly level. However, U.S. domestics still offer some great taste for your beer-drinking pleasure, so make sure you show your patriotism and support your national economy next time your order a beer.

From tried-and-true breweries that have been around so long that children can identify their logos and slogans with ease, to microbreweries that offer something new and funky for your taste buds, American beer has it all.

The Classics

The classic American beers have been around so long that their branding is part of our collective national consciousness. Their logos and advertisements grace billboards, T-shirts, and NASCAR driving teams. What’s not to love?

Budweiser is probably one of the most popular brewers in the U.S., and their flagship Bud Light is likely one of the most often-ordered beers in the country. If advertisements and commercials are to be believed, and I think we all can agree that they are, Budweiser is nothing short of fun in a bottle. They even offer a Bud Light Lime for those occasions when you are feeling tropical.

Coors is another popular beer in the U.S., likened to a silver bullet in taste and refreshing crispness. Coors also offers a light beer so that you don’t get too sloppy too soon. Another supporter of NASCAR and various other sports, Coors is as American as it gets. Again, the advertising of Coors lends one to believe that the Rocky Mountains taste like beer. Who knew?

Busch beer is another American favorite, though it is no longer owned by an American company. Bought by a Belgian company in 2009 that actually also owns Budweiser as well, Busch beer is still mainly brewed in the U.S. Identified as the beer with the Clydesdale horses, Busch beer also made possible a lot of fine theme parks across the country. So, the next time you and your kids are on a rollercoaster or splashing down a waterslide, think of Busch beer.

Lastly, if you are looking for what is called the “Champagne of Beers,” then go with Miller High Life. With as much carbonation as champagne, Miller High Life is known for its refreshing qualities.

For Those on a Diet

There are many beer drinkers out there who need a beer that fits in with their dieting goals, and there are many beers made in the U.S. that fit the bill. Low-calorie, low-carb, and low-whatever dieters can still get their drink on with some great domestics.

Michelob Ultra is probably one of the most popular beers geared towards those who want to keep their girlish figures. Many men with beer guts should give it a whirl as well. Michelob, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch, offers an Ultra Amber, Dragon Fruit Peach, Lime Cactus, and Pomegranate Raspberry in addition to the standard Ultra to tempt the stricken taste buds of those watching their waistlines. Low in carbs and calories, Michelob Ultra is proud to help dieters catch a buzz.

For Those on a Budget

There are plenty of domestics that offer a lot of bang for your buck, if by “bang” you mean “the ability to get you drunk.” All beers have their time and place, and sometimes you might just need a cheap beer so you can buy a lot of it.

Cheap beers are all about quantity over quality, so be prepared for a rough morning the next day. If your aim is to just get hammered, then a cheap domestic beer will do the job. For instance, Natural Ice is one of Anheuser-Busch’s “economy brands” that has a high alcohol content by volume and a cheap price.

Milwaukee’s Best Ice, also known as Beast due to the severity of the hangover it causes, is another “economy beer” option created by Miller. If you are light in the wallet and looking to party, then Milwaukee’s Best or Milwaukee’s Best Ice will not let you down.

Artsy Microbrews

One of the biggest fads in the beer brewing industry at the moment is microbrews. Smaller, local breweries are putting out everything from straight ales to beers laced with chocolate, coffees, or various fruit juices. A comparison of microbreweries in the U.S. wouldn’t just be a whole other article, it would be an entire book.

The microbreweries are the hottest in Oregon, which boasts over 100 successful microbreweries, 35 which are in Portland alone, according to a CBS News article on the top five microbrews in the area.

However, many parts of the country have caught the microbrew craze. Don’t be surprised to see strange labels and wonderful beers in your supermarket that were brewed mere miles away. Try out a few and support your local brew economy that is entirely dedicated to delivering a great beer that will also get you totally smashed.